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New Contributor DJ_Walker21
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Incredibly slow internet speeds

Hi Guys,


I've been having severe problems with my ADSL2+ internet recently. I've been getting speeds of about 0.3 mbp/s, far less than the advertised speed of 7mbp/s. I've tried using an ethernet cable, sitting right next to the modem, restrting the modem multiple times and disconnecting every device and the most i've gotten is 0.8 mbp/s. I've tried talking with an optus "technician" but the only thing i could get out of them was everything i had already tried and was then put o hold for just under an hour before being told the exact same thing. 


(sidenote: this is on the Gold Coast, 4211. There has also been rumours, but no confirmation, that NBN work has/will be going on in our area.)

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Crowd Champion MiCCAS
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Re: Incredibly slow internet speeds

Hey there,


Sorry to hear you're having issues with the speed of your internet connection. I know how frustrating it can be!


I'd recommend reviewing the link below to see if there are any additional steps that you can try to troubleshoot yourself. You may have already done these though!


If that doesn't help, then your best next step is to speak to the Optus Technical Support team. You can give them a call, or try live chat if you're finding the phone queue long -


Let us know how you go 🙂

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