Re: Incredible lateness and lack of professionalism!!!


Yeah one of the staff i chatted with online said that I could go ahead and get the $49 mobile broadband in the meantime whilst waiting. And when I get reconnected, I can call in to claim credit for it. But whilst at the Optus stall earlier, I called in to double confirm and they mentioned it wasn't written in my notes. I was even promised a callback but it's been 8hours later but nothing at all. As usual, I'm sitting at home empty handed unable to get any work done. 

Re: Incredible lateness and lack of professionalism!!!


Yikes! That's disappointing to hear Smiley Sad


You're welcome to PM through your details and we can see what we can do for you about this.


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Re: Incredible lateness and lack of professionalism!!!

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So I'm sure many of you are dying to know what happened. So here goes.


As per my previous order on 9th Jan and service activated on 27th Jan, apparently, optus has connected my service to the wrong address. I was promised again that everything up and running by 17th Feb and I will not be charged a single cent for a service not connected.


17th Feb, I thought the ordeal was over but NO! Internet was not connected. Called in to Optus, they said the back end team has yet to connect the service. DON'T TELL ME ITS CONNECTED WHEN IT ISN'T. I was asked to wait 24-48 hours and having Telstra technicians checking the lines to find out Optus has not done anything right.


22nd Feb. I woke up this morning to a big fat $400 bill from

optus for services I have not used or not connected to. Called in the Optus team and as usual put on hold, thrown from team A to B to C to D and nobody solving my issues.


Its been 1.5 months and no internet. Am I being the only idiot still waiting for some miracle to happen? DONT APOLOGIZE. DONT GIVE ME PROMISES. DONT SAY YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IM GOING THROUGH. Who's to compensate me for my loss? 1.5 months for an internet service and you can't deliver twice and still have the cheek to bill me for services not connected. 


And do us a favour, don't tell us you'll personally follow up and check on this and that and get back to us because 6-7 personnel from Optus have told me that but hey, ZERO EVER GOTTEN BACK TO ME.


Optus, obviously don't pride themselves in good customer service or any services in general.


Re: Incredible lateness and lack of professionalism!!!

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Just a little update .... 
Your technician had to come on Friday ......... NO ONE came --> I spent 1 hour with you to learn that he was coming on Monday (20th of Feb)

On monday ......... NO ONE --> After another hour with you, I learnt that my appoitment was rescheduled on Thursday (23rd of Feb)

On thursday ....... My partner was at home but she saw NO ONE ....... BUT I am apparently connected ... WONDERFUL !!
Excepted that my internet isn't working ....... SO ..... after two more hours with you on the phone I learnt that a technician will fix my problem between now and the 2nd of March. 

Why? (And that are the words of your colleague) :
BECAUSE you have too much problems with too many people that ALL your technicians are FULLY Booked for 2 Fuc***g weeks !
I will let you know two things:
- If my internet connection doesn't work tomorrow, I'll go in one of your store on Monday to cancel all my contracts with you (and I'll pay no charge); then I'll go at Telstra that seems much more profesional than you !
- If I can get my internet connection someday ..... There is no way that I pay the instalation fee ! If you bill me the installation, I'll bill you the time I spent on the phone with you (let's say 23$/hour?) + the petrol I used to go in your stores. I think it will be more than 200$ .... 

One of my friend had a 2 weeks delay with iiNet. So they offered him the installation + 3 months of internet.


It is true that you gave me a PREPAID Mobile Brodband, BUT I signed a contract for an unlimited data and you can't use this device as you use an ADSL line. 

All the people I meet are shocked by this lack of professionalism! 2 months ago I was telling everyone to join Optus but now I just tell them to run away from this hell!


The only thing I hear from you is :
"We understand but ...."
"Sorry ... "
"We can't do anything...."
"Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is wait ......"


So I wait, I wait since one month and I spend my days with you on the phone...

If anyone from the Optus team read this, I am pretty sure that you can put me and @Zehffro on a priority list to fix our problem ASAP. 

And by ASAP I don't mean in three weeks...!

Thank you.

Re: Incredible lateness and lack of professionalism!!!


Hey @gaetan, I know apologies at this point in time don't do anything to rectify the issue but there is a genuine reason for the delay. I've had a quick run through the order and the service does look to be impacted by a mass service disruption. Mass service disruptions are generally as a result of a severe weather event or something that's deemed to be out of the providers control. In this case we're managing a significant impact to Optus services that has occurred as a result of a series of severe weather events in the Lower West District and parts of the South West District, Central Wheat Belt District and Central West District of Western Australia on or about Friday 10 February 2017. As a result we look to have over 2000 customers impacted by this MSD. As we're reliant on our wholesaler to rectify the issue, we're unable to expedite these sort of requests. You can read more about this particular MSD here →


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Re: Incredible lateness and lack of professionalism!!!


One of your Manager just told me that a technician came and said that everythings seems alright ......

So I have to wait for another technician to come ....

My neighbor (that live in the same building) have an optus contract and his internet connection works perfectly!


It's incredible ....

Re: Incredible lateness and lack of professionalism!!!


I'm waiting on a technician to come today to solve my issues. By the looks of it, I might just have taken leave for nothing. prolly a phantom tech. 

Re: Incredible lateness and lack of professionalism!!!


I know the other replies are from back Jan and Feb 2017. But Optus lack of service and plain stuff up without appologies still occurs today June 2018.


In Jan 2018 I enquiried if there was any impact to my Optus Services if requested to move from my Optus 200Gb ADSL to the unlimited one back in January 2018. I was told no impact other than unlimited broadband instead of limited, and the "Faire use" policy. I agreed to this and switched. Then I found out that Voicemail was added to my land line, without notification all my receiving calls were high-jacked and stored in Optus without consent. The attitude I got back from Teresa Lapa, the Fixed Resolver Specialist from the Fixed Resolver Team was that of "suck it up and just set up your voicemail to get your messages". I raised it to the TIO, whom did say that they can see that Optus needs to be more client orientated, however they are a resolver department, and although the solution of "sucking it up and setup voicemail to retrieve messages" might seem like an Optus Win, the TIO could not do any more. Why does Optus forces you to use their Voicemail when you were told that no other services will be impacted? Then blankly say "Just setup the voicemail and you will get your messages" without a simple "sorry to have impacted you with this error" or any other appology or compensation what so ever!... Optus, this is a competitive market. You will loose me now!

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