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New Contributor AL5920
New Contributor

If OPTUS wants to save on TIO fees

If you want to save on TIO fees than you may want to resolve my case

Basically If I owe Optus money its Disconnection threats, credit reference agency referals.

If Optus Owes me money, its no where to be seen, no email replys, unavailable, no phone replys, NOTHING!!!

Now its excellent to settle with the TIO, tell them the case is resolved because you have paid the customer a refund.

But when you never actually give the refund, Its dishonest. Another case gets raised with the TIO regarding the lies and you not coming good on the refund and not only that, the case is setting up to cost over 6 times the agreed refund amount.

Just sort it out, its costing you a lot of money. If you want the Ref its 2018/07/08159


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Moderator Zac_D

Re: If OPTUS wants to save on TIO fees

Hi @AL5920.

This is certainly disappointing that your refund request has still been ongoing. So that we can check on this for you, can you please send us a PM here 


I'll need you to please confirm your:

Full Name:


Account Number:

Are you the account holder: Y/N


As you've raised another TIO request, one of our CRG team members will be in touch with you. However, we would still like to take a look an see what has happened here.

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