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New Contributor Petz02
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Re: IPv6 at Optus

I’m with AussieBroadband now for fixed (was Optus cable). Still on Optus for mobile. AussieBroadband have IPv6 in beta, but works fine for me. See





What do you get?

A direct /128 out of a /64 range for your wan side of the connection.
A /56 which can be used for LAN side connections. This can be split up into /64 ranges via PD (Prefix Delegation), or manually configured by you.



I’m sure there are more providers with IPv6 too. I know Superloop also started beta recently. See


Internode were the first Aussie ISP with IPv6. Looks like they still provide it too. Not sure what subnetting they use

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Occasional Contributor pbbear
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Re: IPv6 at Optus

I also went with AussieBroadband.  You do need to 'opt in' after being connected - Took all of 10 seconds to do from their support page.

Other providers include Foxtel's NBN ISP offering is dual-stack IPv6, and Exetel also has IPv6.  shows the latest measurements of IPv6 deployment, look for the entries >30%.

AussieBB is actually low in this report, possibly reported under a different ASN - as I can confirm its working well.

Aussie allocated a /56 for the LAN, different from the /64 used for the WAN subnet.



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