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Huawei B818 Firmware Update Bridge Mode Setup Help

I updated the B818 firmware today to Software version

When I enable bridge mode on the B818 I cannot connect to my TP Link Archer D9  in Wireless Router Mode.

The settings on the D9 are 
Connection Type: Static IP
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS: Hidden
Secondary DNS: Hidden

I am using DNS server settings  from VPN provider.

Does anyone know if you have to use the Optus DNS Servers when Bridge mode is enabled in the B818 please?

If my problem is not the DNS servers I am after suggestions as to why Bridge mode is not working please?

I set up a faux bridge mode using the above settings with previous and new firmware which works leaving the DHCP and Wifi disabled on the B818.  

I am an Optus user.
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Re: Huawei B818 Firmware Update Bridge Mode Setup Help

Hi - I was hoping someone may have responded to your post by now. Does the Huawei B818 now have formal Enable/Disable Bridge Mode button selection?

Generally on modems, when Bridge Mode is Enabled, it turns off the modem's Firewall, NAT, LAN Switch, DHCP and possibly Wi-Fi. If so, the address is not used by the Huawei and not applicable to the secondary router. The TP Link Archer D9 in Wireless Router Mode looks like it converts the LAN4/WAN port to a WAN function, for interconnection to the primary modem's LAN port which has it's own FW,NAT, LAN, DHCP and Wi-Fi and different IP address range - your faux bridge perhaps.

If the B818 indeed has a formal Enable Bridge Mode selection, have you tried using the default TP Link D9 IP addressing instead of the one you have shown in the post. The link would be using the D9 WAN, so static IP is not applicable to that port.