Huawei B525 4G router - Fix for missing DNS setting


Hi all,

I'm posting this to help others who may face the same issue I did.


The Huawei B525 router delivered from optus for the 4g wireless broadband has no apparent DNS settings in the web user interface (UI).

The DNS settings are available, and will work, they are just hidden in the Web UI.


Important: This requires you use Chrome as the browser.


The following steps will enable these and allow you to set them.

Step 1. Go to the DHCP settings screen of the router using Chrome

Step 2.  Press F12 to enter developer mode, and enter the following in the Console.


As below:

Step 3. Press F12 again to close the developer options

The DHCP settings screen should now look similiar to the following.

The address below is my internal DNS server.


Step 5. You can now enter your own DNS settings and click the [Apply] button

That's it!, DNS settings should now be applied.


For example to setup OpenDNS you would enter: in the Primary DNS Server, and in the Secondary DNS Server.


Google Luck!


For more information and a Python based API I'm working on for the router you can look at the information on my blog here.


Re: Huawei B525 4G router - Fix for missing DNS setting



That's interesting @_Hamish_but I also need to add static routes to force my Chromecast to use the DNS setting.

I got round the problem by attaching an old Netgear N600 to the modem and amending the DNS settings and adding the static routes.



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Re: Huawei B525 4G router - Fix for missing DNS setting


Hi @Davelew.

That makes sense, there is no sign of static routing settings on the B525 that I can see. I expect the only way to do this on the B525 would require being able to get root access to it.





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