How to set static ip in DHCP


I'm trying to assign static ip's to certain devices , I've gone into advance settings and clicked on DHCP but when I click add device it goes to a blank screen

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Depending on your devices, ill tell you how with Windows 10 and iPhones as that is what I have.

First, grab a small pad and a pen, and number down from 1-20 the devices, with 1 being your NBN/Cable/ADSL modem.
Okay so lets say you got 1 pc, 3 mobiles, 2 smart tvs, fetch and a playstation. 
So you would have: (router) (pc) (mobile 1) (mobile 2) (mobile 3) (smart tv 1) (smart tv 2) (fetch tv) (playstation)
Now, as you can see, each device has been logically numbered in no particular order, what you have to remember is that each device needs its own number so it doesnt confict with something else.

So lets start with iPhone:
Settings > Wifi > YourConnection > i icon > Configure IP > Manual
IP: 192.168.0.[whatever you decided your phones logical number is] so in the example above, it would be 3 (
Exit out of that, and after 5 seconds or so, you will have a static address for your mobile device. 
This process can be repeated for any other phone, or smart tv, fetch, playstations, xbox etc. 
Just change the logical number to whatever the number is you chose for your device on your pad.

For windows 10, right click your connection on your task bar near your clock > open internet connection settings.
Scroll down to network and sharing center > change adapter settings > right click your connection > properties > internet proticol version 4 (tcp/ip v4) > properties 
Again, just enter the same information and change the logical device number to say like the example.

IP: 192.168.0.[whatever you decided your phones logical number is] so in the example above, it would be 2 (

just close all that and ure good to go then.

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Thank you for your reply.


I should have been clearer in my original post . I'm trying to set the devices in the DSL Router page not on the device its self.


I have gone to the DSL router page

then opened the advanced settings tab

then clicked advanced setup

then LAN

near the bottom of the page there is a box that says"add entries" 

but when I click on it , it just goes to a blank page.


Thanks in advance

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If you want to set a device as a static IP then just set it on the device. 


On your modem just set the DHCP range to something outside the static range. 


So use - for static connections


And set DHCP to use - 




Peter Gillespie

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Is this before or after you have set up static IP with Optus? Unless you're a business customer, you first have to activate a static IP address, with Optus by paying $10 per month. After that, I don't know how to set up static IP address, because Optus is yet to tell me how to do this. They couldn't even tell me my static IP address or how this works. When going to the Optus modem webpage, and you click on "add" static IP address, it goes to a blank page. Am i to assume, that once static IP address is activated from Optus, all my IPs are static, and i just configure the IP addresses manually from each device?


I just need a static IP address for my NAS, and i want every other device to have a dynamic IP address.  

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[ Edited ]

There are two types of network (LAN and WAN). LAN is all your internal addresses (usually 192.168.0.X or some such). You can set each internal device to a "fixed" IP address or you can just set one device (usually your modem) to be a DHCP server and give out numbers as needed. So if you need a fixed internal address on your NAS just go into its network settings and set one.


What you are presumably talking about though is the WAN side of things. This is the address Optus gives your modem and is the address the whole internet sees (e.g. This address only applies to your modem (you set up something called port forwarding to be able to send stuff from your modem to your NAS, but that's another story). What you want is a "static" external IP address (i.e. that number to never change)


The bad news is Optus doesn't provide static IP addresses any more. You will either need to find a ISP that does or you can use a DYDNS service that keeps track of your modems current external IP address and assigns it to a constant web URL. For example instead of typing\SABNZB (or what ever the address is today) you always just type MYHOMENAS.NET\SABNZB. DYDNS is setup in your modem menu.


As another alternative many NAS now have this feature built in (e.g. QNAP) so you might be able to use that.


Peter Gillespie

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Wow! You explained what Optus IT staff over the phone couldn't! Thanks, it makes sense now. 


I do have a static IP address, I paid $10 for it via Optus. I just didn't understand the difference between the lan and wan static address, and which one has to be static for nas to work. Optus kept giving me the wan address but couldn't explain to me why or how (I asked them how do I use this for my nas because I though my nas needed a static address like 198.1. 1. Etc, not my public ip address). 


Since my wan ip is static, do I also have to set my lan ip address for my nas static as well? It sounds like as long as my wan is static, if I need to access my nas remotely, it will still work coz the external IP is constant? Optus modem doesn't give ability to add lan static IP addresses. 


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Once you get the pieces in the right order it does start making sense Smiley Happy


Thanks for the info on the Optus IP addresses (like several areas of Optus they make it less than clear what the current policy is)


1) Yes. You should set a fixed internal IP address in your NAS network settings. 

2) Now you need to set up the external access to your NAS. To do this:


a) You presumably have an internal IP connection to your NAS - it should also have a port number at the end (something like\MyNas).

b) You need to add a rule to your modems port forwarding menu page. Basically just says if you get any exernal traffic to your modem with a port of (say 8080) then send it to the following internal IP (which will be your NAS fixed IP).

c) Once that's done you test with your mobile phone. Turn off its WIFI and browse to your static external IP which just replaces the internal one you were using (eg.\MyNas =>\MyNas)


If you've got it set up right then you should see your NAS login page. 


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

Re: How to set static ip in DHCP


Thanks, I will try this 

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