How to join My Account ?


Hey, after a horrendous join up experience thats seeing me make a complaint, I now can't join 'DSL Direct My Account' when I try to, so I can view statements, pay on line ( as suggested etc...) it just says ...."Account upgrade failed" doing everything right, entering mobile #, tried the email address etc.....


My account was finally activated after 2 hours of debate and conflicting statements from the offshore call centre, who activated the modem ( which I had been advised by activations was already activated, but wasnot,,,) anyway long story, but the agent activated the modem and then logged on with me, apparantly agreed to the T&C's on my behalf to get things going, and I am wondering if something was not done.


I can log on and view the data usage ( which for some reason hasnot gone past 1% despite us hammering it for two weeks on a 200GB ?) but when I go to join this " Register for the new DSL Direct My account" I get that pop up box saying..."To help us service you better we need a little more information.." enter title,   Mr / Mrs, mobile, email, tick T&C's on Submit...and........."Account Upgrade Failed"


Any suggestions, when you click on billing history there's no way to view the invoice ? do I need this DSL Direct my account to do that ? I have ZERO faith in the offshore call centre for anything so keen to throw this out there for help from the Optus folk........cheers


Re: How to join My Account ?


I have just joined Optus too and thank fully got this far a little easier.


I am looking at two ways to view my bills, (a) by logging in to "My Account" on the Optus homepage, and then going to billing, and (b) by clicking "Check Bill" on the home page and then logging in. Either way, when I log in I get the semi-mobile "customercentre/myaccount/dashboard" page with "Hi There," at the top, followed by "Your Bills", and "Your Services". In this view I cannot see the bill, however if i go back to the optus home page (now I am logged in) and click on "Check Bills", it now brings me to "customercentre/myaccount/billingandpayments" which does have the option to view a pdf of my bill.


Unfortunately, when I click on "download pdf bill" it requires me to enter a customer number that I do not yet have. I have rung Optus "Billing Department" to comfirm my account number and they dont have my details yet. When they get the details they will send a bill to the mailing address provided and that will have the account number on it.


It seems that you are in the same boat. They will probably send you the bill according to process and then you will have your account number, and your data tracking might be up and running then.


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