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How long to restore ADSL service

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Hi I have not had phone or internet (ADSL ) since Friday 15th Feb. Techs visited Tuesday 19 Feb. My house was all good, techs said another 5 days to complete repair.  To date nothing coming back from Optus ready to repair.  They don't even know what is wrong, as apparently the techs report is not in their system .

I suspect that Optus have killed my DSL line and want me to go NBN.  The suggestion is that it will be quicker to supply NBN than fix DSL. Can't get anything in writing from Optus.  Not prepared to wait much longer for restoration of ADSL, what can I do? Well not pay $128 cancellation fee. 


Re: How long to restore ADSL service


Hi there,

If you have a fault reference number please let me know what it is and I'll be happy to take a look.

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Re: How long to restore ADSL service


All fixed now.  Seems that contacting the ombudsman worked.  Never received a call from high care team though about cancelling my service. Nor did I ever receive promised chat dialogue emailed to me. 

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