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New Contributor ThomasHall20
New Contributor

How long does activation take? Very unimpressed.

Hi all,


My service was activated yesterday morning and I was told it would work that same day. Needless to say it didn't work so today I waited and yet again, not working. I've contacted optus many times about this as they've now told me Tuesday they will "look into it". I have had Optus install my internet a few times in the past and every time it's never worked when they have said it would, the blame would be passed to another company which "they don't have direct contact with".


Not only has the service not been installed, the fetch bundle with the modem was never delivered as there was a shortage on modems; the only way I found out was calling them! So I had to go out and buy a modem at JB HI FI which cost $250 because I needed to work and upload many documents this weekend and have many video conferences to attend. Because of this I went out and bought a modem as I was told today by one Optus employee that the service would be available this evening. 


I contacted optus yet again to check if it would indeed be activated as was promised 100% via a technician and now they're reverting back to Tuesday for it to be working. My question is what takes so long for them to "activate a service" When a technician already came put a couple of days ago and installed everything.



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Re: How long does activation take? Very unimpressed.

What Technology are you on? Optus's does use some reseller networks, which may be out of there control, e.g Telstra & NBN.

If you are in a ADSL Reach area, you will be connected via Telstra's ADSL Network, or they may be waiting on NBN to do something.  Either way it sounds like it may be out of Optus's control.  Best bet would be to live chat with the Technical Support team at  Optus, or any another Telco, does not provide service standards on connections of consumer internet services, so they wont compensate you for the $250 Modem Cost.  You could have purchased a much cheaper option like a $39 USB Stick with some included data, or using your Phone as a Modem etc.

RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: How long does activation take? Very unimpressed.

Hey @ThomasHall20, I'm sorry there's been a delay with your activation. We would need to take a look at the order to see what the hold up is. Please feel free to send me a private message with the below information so I can check this for you.


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