How long do HFC outages last? 3166 Constant disconnects.

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Beyond frustrated at this point. Over a week of ongoing disconects from online gaming. Service is unusable. NBN is 2 years away in my area (3166). I've been an optus customer for 15+ years since they rolled HFC out in this area.


How much longer can I expect this level of service?

Re: How long do HFC outages last? 3166 Constant disconnects.


The network status page shows several tower issues as well as a disruption to the cable service. Apparently the cause of the problem is still under investigation so it would be a bit difficult to say when the service would be restored. Might pay to give support a call as they might know more about the issue than the network status page is saying.


Re: How long do HFC outages last? 3166 Constant disconnects.


Hey AntikytheraBB,


Really sorry to hear that this has been your experience.


I've confirmed with our Tech team that there is an ongoing investigation in the area to resolve this issue.


Due to the weather in Melbourne at the moment this may impact the time in getting this resolved.


I'd recommend contacting our 24/7 Tech team on 131344 to have your details linked with this issue number 16259497 and we'll then be able to provide you with updates.




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