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How has Optus Customer Service managed to set itself such a subpar standard?

On August the 29th I placed an order for a 60 dollar per month plan for ADSL/broadband connection. It is September the 18th and my order is still being "processed". Here's a bit of background on my multiple unsuccessful attempts to have Optus do something about my plan.


1) I tried calling a wide array of available Optus service numbers. Outcomes were either that nobody picked up the phone OR I was redirected to an automated call which further redirected me to something else. Great.


2) Live chatted with the Optus team. This is where it gets interesting. Chatted with 2 reps today, and this is the gist of our conversation.


- I asked them whats taking so long to have my order processed. Maurice (1st rep) adopts the usual apologetic protocol and says she understands and will get to the bottom of it. Tells me that there are "pending activities" that led to the delay of my activation. I asked why hasnt Optus notify me via email/phone about these "delays" and she goes onto the usual rant by saying "I understand you arent being updated on this... but I will do this/that/etc". I then further inquired about these "pending activities", and in the blink of an eye, she exits the chat and redirects me to Jess the sales rep.


- Good ol' Jess comes on the chat and ups the level of antics. I tell him that I need a new order and he dutifully shows me 2 packages. Filled in my credit check, and boom, he says my order cant be process because "I'm not at the age of 18". Absolutely understandable. I offered to fill in the details of my guardian, and he replied "I'll be right with you.". Tells me that my guardians "presence needs to be in this chat to process the order", and I told him that my guardian is video chatting with me, hence he has full view of the chat, and the ability to respond to it through me. I dont see why this doesnt work. But Jesse begins to proliferate his nonsensical statements ranging from "you can call our team, they have access to assist you." to "you have to cross 18 to get the service... it is mandartory etc", and then coming up with circular loops and statements saying "You can contact our service team" instead of "Jess". And then he tells me to open up another new chat for my guardian? What in the world is that suppose to do? Speak to another rep and continue to waste more time, whilst explaining the details of my situation over and over again whitout receiving a viable solution to such a simple problem?


By having me redirected to the service team, who then redirects me to the sales team, and so forth doesnt solve the problem - its prolongs it. Circular loops and procedures that the CS initiates seems to be the norm. I cant comprehend, and dont want to know the policy behind customer service. But what I know is this. I have wasted countless hours trying to contact Optus in regards to the status of my order, so I can at least be connected to the internet asap. Time and time again, the results are the same - nothing changes, and all the CS reps offer are excuses piling onto more excuses. 


If Optus has to set such a low bar for themselves, with customer service in particular, then thats truly unpredecedented. The standard is truly astonishing, so PLEASE, to ALL prospective customers, AVOID Optus and sign up for another service that delivers GREAT products through GREAT service, effectively and efficiently.





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Retired Employee

Re: How has Optus Customer Service managed to set itself such a subpar standard?

Hi @Wise, I'm sorry that we haven't been able to respond to this one sooner. It definitely doesn't sound like things have gone according to plan 😞 In regards to your second point, it sounds like there's been a system issue that's prevented the order from flowing through to our wholesaler. As per our activation flow, your address details are sent to our wholesaler who'll confirm whether the line is available for use. They'll then respond back with a confirmation and an expected service delivery date.


It doesn't sound like we've actually reached that point. If all goes according to plan then an SMS is sent out within 3 business days of placing your order. This is to confirm your connection date and whether we'll need you at home on the day of your activation.


For privacy/security reasons, we do need to ensure that we're speaking with the account holder. Did your guardian/account holder set up a 4 digit security PIN for you to use? Are you able to send us a private message with your account details → We need the account holders full name, DOB and order reference number. We'll also need you to quote the PIN number.

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