How do you contact Optus?


This is the third day I've had the Live Chat window open waiting for someone to be available, only to be told, repeatedly, that volume is high and that they would be happy to chat if I contact later.


I'm on the phone, now and have been for the last 15 minutes.


Is there anyone there? I would like to cancel my internet connection, and I'd really rather not be paying while I wait for someone to 'be available'.

Re: How do you contact Optus?


I have been having the same problem, I have given up on the phone after waiting 45 minutes, each time. I have been able to get onto the chat at night, though still had to wait a long time. 

Re: How do you contact Optus?


Thanks for the feedback.


I've managed to get 'Colby' on Chat. That took ~40 minutes. It's taken another 10, chatting with 'Colby' to be told that I need to be connected to a disconnection team.


'Colby' very helpfully informed me that I won't be charged a disconnection fee. Which is good, seeing as I paid up front specifically so that I could cancel without penalty.


This is ridiculous.



Re: How do you contact Optus?


... and after assuring me I'd be transferred to the Cancellation team, I've reached Billing.


Billing are going to transfer me. I asked if I would simply be put in a cue on hold, and was assured that I would not.


Am now on hold while Billing tries to connect me.


Bravo, Optus you're good.


(props to the Billing rep. He's got back to me to apologise and assure me that he will try to get me through, but seriously, Optus, this is pretty shoddy).

Re: How do you contact Optus?


... 25 minutes on hold.

total time, spent, today is now over an hour.

Re: How do you contact Optus?


... and now I've had my call picked up by someone else in (a?) the Billing department.




Re: How do you contact Optus?


I've asked to speak to a supervisor. More waiting.


Uddhav answered and attempted to contact the cancellation team. More waiting. There is a delay, he reported, but he would take my details and have them process the cancellation.


I asked to remain on the call until he wrote an email confirming this.


Total time spent, today, is approx 1 hour 45. Still not cancelled, but at least I have proof that I made contact and attempted to do so.


Optus, if you're reading, _this_ is part of the reason I'm leaving.

Re: How do you contact Optus?


Called by Optus to 'confirm some details'. They would just need to connect me with the cancellation department.


I explined that I'd spent over an hour and a half waiting or on hold, and that I had no interest in being put on hold, again.


'Oh no,' they assured me 'they are on the line right now'.


I agreed, but warned them that if I was put on hold, I'd wait 2 minutes and hang up.


They were not 'on the line right now'. I was on hold. I hung up after 3 minutes.


I have provided my account number, name, date of birth, email address and phone number on three seperate occasions to three seperate people, including a supervisor. I have explained that I want my service cancelled to each of the five people I have spoken to. I will confirm details if necessary, but I cannot afford to spend another hour and a half on the phone waiting to speak to someone who is 'on the line right now'.

Re: How do you contact Optus?


Very disappointing to hear about this experience.

Please send me a PM with your full name, date of birth and details of the service/account you are wanting to cancel.

If you also happen to have the chat ID please include that also.

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