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Re: How do I set up the Optus spam filter?

The reality is that OPTUS is very bad for emails and worst still for customer service - essentially they have NONE.


Like may people I receive spam emails from 1 or more people, i can put up with some by simply deleting them, others however are more painful as they often contain viruses that literally clog up your inbox preventing you from recieving emails from  legitimate sources.

If you call OPTUS you will go into a que - some 30mins later a person will answer, apologise and tell you you called the inocorrect number, they will transfer you to the correct number and after another 30mins or more on wait you will speak to another person who again will apologise and tell you you have called through to the wrong department..

Eventually you speak to someone who understands and tells you that the technical area is already aware of the problem, they wil escalte the issue and they will follow it up and call you back... they NEVER call back and the issue is NEVER resolved.


So what to do??? you call again and go through the same routine - so allow approximately 3 hours to speak to get some sort of explanation - but do NOT expect a solution as the people on the phones simply do not know what to do other than apologise and take abuse, they are very good at taking abuse, so feel free to vent because I am certain that they simply place the call on hold whilst you release some steam. They arte all liars so no matter what you tell them, they deserve it. I encourage everyone to abuse these people, if they cop enough flack then eventually they may get fed up and things may be changed for the bettermeant of everyone, even their staff.  


Next, they give you the PREMIUM services hotline for difficult cases - in Australia this number is 1300724347 you call them and are then told they are indpendent and charge $90 to assist.They do not work for Optus, they will remote to your computer and then perform some magic and solve the issue - apparently. When asked why Optus or indeed the client cannot do the same function they simply dont answer.  I am tech savy and if they can do it, then there is a fix, so why doesnt Optuse simply tell us how to resolve the issue? oh yes, because they are Optuse. 


Reporting an email as SPAM does nothing - if you ask why you cannot simply block an email, they tell you that all you need to do is report it as SPAM - and so you go through this cycle for days until hopefully everything stops for a while.


The easiest fix to these issues is to move away from Optuse, which is what I am doing and I will be encouraging everyone I speak with to do.


Set up an email with Hotmail, Gmail etc then you have greater control, and are not reliant on a carrier for your liveilyhood, and can literally tell them to F off for real.


Cheers OPTUSE you buch of IDIOTS.

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Re: How do I set up the Optus spam filter?

So how is it that Optus automatically feeds mail into the spam folder, but then a whole lot of new spam finds its way into my inbox.
Something is working, still working for some spam mail and then new spam mail gets through ? Why ?

What do you mean - once they have your email address? So all the stuff that goes into the spam folder is mail that doesn't have your email address ? Um, I think they do have your email address.


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Re: How do I set up the Optus spam filter?

The spam button does not work. I have added the same email everyday for the last 3 months. The spam button is a fake button Optus include.

I set up a new optusmail account and the only person I gave the email details to was Optus Technician, within 1 week there over 3000 spam emails.

Optus are selling customers email accounts to marketing companies and scammers.


Shows how dishonest they are..... well they are Asian owned I guess that explains it. Kungflu virus and all

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