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How do I obtain an optus approved/configured wireless modem for my existing adsl service?


I have been an optus customer for 20+ years and have been using my own wireless router to access my internet at home for the past 9 ish years. However my router recently lost its settings and I experienced the frustration of trying to get optus to aid with providing settings for re-configuring my "not optus supported router". This aimlessly ended after 4 nights of being told something different everytime including my user name to input being different with every person i talked to... (i dont think some of them even knew that ppl existed before it was an email address let alone an email username). i finally decided to see if my old non wireless optus supplied fixed adsl modem would at least give my fetch tv box internet (it did). However this modem is over 9 years old and does not have wireless capability. Will optus offer an updated wireless modem router to their existing loyal customers (seen as they wont help me configure a different router)? Or is there a way to purchase an optus preconfigured wireless router if this is not an option? I.m rather frustrated atm... cant understand why optus has made it so difficult for me to use my existing wireless router, and dont want to buy another one if i will get no support in configuring it either

All help would be appreciated.


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Re: How do I obtain an optus approved/configured wireless modem for my existing adsl service?



If you are no longer contracted to an Optus plan, sign up for one and Optus will supply you with a new moden.   Although the new plan coukd cost yor more it would be cheaper than buying a new modem.



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