How do I leave my contract early


My phone and broadband were switched to Optus on 29/01/2019. 

I have had nothing but problems ever since,  the latest being no incoming calls because Optus has set up Call Divert on incoming calls without any requests being made by me. In fact,  I have been asking (almost daily) for about two weeks,  to have all call waiting,  voicemail etc features removed from my service as I was never asked or informed about having them.

Due to the fact that I was without internet for four days and I've now been without incoming calls for four days, can I leave my contract without incurring any fees? 

I am just so sick of having to contact Optus daily about the mess they've made of my service. I have doesn't hours on the phone and online. Everyone tells me they've fixed the problem but nobody has. Customer service does not exist for Optus.

I've been told a Case Manager will get in touch,  but why don't they just fix my phone?   

Just FIX IT! 

So please,  how do I get out of this contract that has left me with firstly no internet and currently no phone? 

Re: How do I leave my contract early


Have you asked?


Yoyr contract may have no exit fees so contact LIVE CHAT and ask for a payout figure. If the mobile phone is included in the contract you will definitely have to pay that out.


Otherwise contact Optus and request the retentions department.  Explain the situation and tell them you wish to exit due to their failure to provide the service promised (statutory rights apply to faulty goods and services). Hopefully they will agree (but likely you're up for the cost of the phone though regardless). If not then submit a formal written complaint (pen and paper) and see what happens. If not happy then contact the TIO (who is interested in breaches of contract and will work on your behalf)


Regardless, don't rely on anecdotal statements like "I called them a lot and nothing happened". Start keeping a diary of all interactions and what is promised and how long you wait and what is done.


Peter Gillespie


Re: How do I leave my contract early


Believe me,  I have records of EVERY contact. 

I will try their online chat again. 

Thanks for giving me the info of what to ask for.

Fingers crossed I get somewhere. 

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