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New Contributor ohmygod
New Contributor

How difficult to get a modem to be delivered since Oct 24 the order was placed?

Dear Optus,


My order number is *moderated*.

I've been contacted your team by phone and via live chat numerous times to address my issue but still after 1.5 months, I could not receive a modem.


The order was made on 24 Oct.


The confirmation email advised the activtion date is locked in 1/11/2017.


I contacted you on the 1/11/2017 about not receiving modem and no card left for delivery information. You responsed: it may be delayed for few days.

3/11/2017 - Your customers agent Nabarun advised that the modem is in transit status and will be reached out in 1 business which is Monday 6/11/2017. You also provided me the consignment numer: DM07623558.

Since this is a rental property and is a apartment, we understand that you are not be able to left modem if unattended. My tenant called Toll 131531 to arrange a delivery time set on Tuesday afternoon on the 7/11/2017. They then waited for the entire afternoon but nothing came nor card left.


Toll priority then advised that my parcel had been return to sender on the 9/11/2017.


Until I came back to OZ, I requested your team to resend me a modem to a new address on the 27/11/2017 via Livechat. I espeically requested that please leave the parcel at my front door since this is a house. I also made a call after 1h wait to get your people on hold to confirm you receive the request. It sounded very confident that I would recieve the modem in 3-5 days. I then waited until 5/12/2017 to contacted your team via Livechat.


This contact was more interesting. The first connection was shut down due to network error after the introduction with Camilia. I tried to conntect to livechat again. The second person name was Lorriane. He adivsed me that I could buy a modem on my own. He asked me to visit the nearest Optus store with the receipt and you would waive off the charges. (Sounds like a new solution!)


I asked him how could I cancel the service since it was such a lenthy process for just get a modem.


Lorriane advised that a cancelltation fee would be charged if I chose to cancel. (Why?)


He then transferred me to retention team. Next name was Arah. He looked helpful as well. He said he would get someone helpful to look after my case then direct me to Janice.


Janice looked helpful and promised me I would recieve the modem for sure this time in days which supposed to be on the 8/12/2017. She also provided me a submission summary ANGUS ID1273-228381 dated 5/12/2017.  Until today 14/12/2017. Where is the modem?


More stories? OH yes!

I actually popped in to Optus store at Westfield Hurstville on the 13/12/2017 afternoon to buy a modem as advised by Lorriane.

The staff in store said they have never have modems in store and advised that I should contacted the customer team directly. She then helped me to call the customer team. What a magic that it only took few minutes to get someone on hold.


I told the preactivation team that I did not receive the modem and the lady said it was delivered on the 9/12/2017. I told her I did not recieve anything. She then directed me to Tech-support team to look into my case. Why "tech-support team"? I wondered.


The tech support team said the calls shouldn't been transfered to them but he still tried to looked into my case. After a few holds, he provided me a consignment numberSmiley Very HappyM07623558. and asked me to call 131531 for tracking. I told him this consignment number was an old one and this parcel had been returned to Optus on the 9/11/2017. He said that's the only infomation he had. He also tried to retrieve the note with previous live chat but ended up requested me to track with Toll. He then directed my call to Toll tracking. I acutally spoke to the representives at toll by providing the consignement number. It was confirmed that the parcel had been returned to sender on the 10/11/2017. The new consignment number sent to optus was AMIY204367. (YEAH one more info)


Sorry to name out those names. I am not blaming any person that I've spoken to. They all sounded or looked professionlly trained. The only issue here is - where is my modem? from 24 Oct 2017.


Q:How difficult to get a modem to be delivered since Oct 24 the order was placed?

A: Here is a solution.

Now I have a new request - please assist to cancel my service which I had never received.

Please refund the first month fee $99 that has been deducted from my direct debit. and please make sure there is no more fee charged from my account, including the bill recieved few days ago due on 20/12/2017. (The bills come so on times but not service)


Account number: *moderated*


I am also still having another 2 accounts with optus. Please do not make me to cancel them all. You are truly hurting your loyalty customers.


Please do not reply me - We are sorry to hear..... we are here to assist you further .... we will definitely look into ......

Thank you!







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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: How difficult to get a modem to be delivered since Oct 24 the order was placed?

Hey @ohmygod, your comment has been edited to remove private account information as this is a public forum. I'm sorry to hear of the dramas with your order, we should be able to get this fixed up for you no worries. Please feel free to send me a private message with your account/order number(s), full name and DOB. You can leave it with us and someone will follow up asap.

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