Hopeless help


How do youn lodge a complaint?  My nbn is down, did the usual - turn off modemmetc.  Still no go.  Rang optus - go through all

the options, wait for 15 minutes which ended in unintelligible static noise.  Hung up, rang again - still waiting another 15 minutes in.  Can't even find out if there is an outage for this area.

ridiculous, non existent service !

Re: Hopeless help


Doesn't sound good at all.. You can atleast check your area via the supplied link.


Network Service Status for both Mobile and Fixed services.

Cheers Dave

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Re: Hopeless help


Thanks for the link.  Unfortunately it didn't show any outrages anywhere near my area for the whole day / despite the fact that I was off line for more than 24 hours!!!


i wonder if it's not in Optus's interest to show where they are?  Wonder too if they will do a Telstra and offer compensation for the long outage?  I doubt it - keep it quiet so customers don't know how many were out!


the whole system if contacting optus (interface) needs to be radically improved.

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