Home phone voicemail without my consent or knowledge


Dear Optus,


why has voicemail been enabled on my home NBN phone since Jan 13 or earlier?

I did not request this and I did not know about this.


Why does my phone not have any audible or visual indicator that voicemail is enabled and that there are multiple messages on it?


I'm on chat with your customer service who have turned it off for me, but now when I call the home number, it disconnects the call after 5 rings!!! 
1) I have a big house and it takes a while to get to the phone sometimes - it needs to ring longer than it does.

2) I have an answering machine. It will answer my calls and actually tell me when I have a message. Optus needs to let the phone ring longer so my machine can answer the call when I can't.

3) your voicemail does not provide indicators that there is a message waiting! I had 5 messages which I knew nothing about!




Why do I have to speak to customer service to have it disabled? Surely I could enter a code to enable/disable voicemail? If that is possible, you should provide the knowledge so I could simply turn it off and move on with life instead of having to spend time keeping your staff busy.




Re: Home phone voicemail without my consent or knowledge


Hi there,

We can't answer here why you had it set up from the start as we don't have visibility of your paperwork, if the tickbox for voicemail was unticked then it sounds like an error.

The Live Chat team should be able to assist you with extending the ringtime,.

Our help and support page for Voicemail advises that Optus has to enable/disable your voicemail. You can also find the user guide which includes information on how to know when voicemail messages are waiting.

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Re: Home phone voicemail without my consent or knowledge


Thanks for your reply.


I've been a land line customer for years and on NBN for more than 12 months.

This voicemail service was turned on unexpectedly and without request, it was never "setup from the start".

Hence my anguish.


Also, I measured the ring time and it's a pitiful 15 seconds before the caller is disconnected with a message that I'm not available.

That is very pathetic - it takes more than 15 seconds to reach my phone and it doesn't allow enough time for my answering machine to pickup the call.


Sure, support may be able to extend this ring time, but they shouldn't have to. The default settings should NOT disconnect an incoming call after just 15 seconds. That is inexcusable and by disconnecting my incoming calls, Optus has failed to provide me the phone service I pay for.

Re: Home phone voicemail without my consent or knowledge


So I spent an hour on the phone with support and finally got my line undiverted.


Why, Optus, are you making something as simple as a phone diversion so difficult?

First person tried but couldn't fix it. After 25 minutes I was talking to the next level technical support.

This person tried 3 times, rebooting my modem remotely without warning, giving me a bonus 5 minute internet outage.

Finally at the 57 minute mark he called my phone and it rang for 1 minute before disconnecting - 1 minute is acceptable. 15 seconds is not.


Whichever brainiac decided to give home phones just 15 seconds of rining before being disconnected needs a lesson in useability.


I'm not happy with you Optus.

Re: Home phone voicemail without my consent or knowledge


I have the same issue, I finally got unwanted voice mail disabled (which was also set to answer after 5 rings), now the phone STILL only rings 5 times, but now disconnects the caller with an Optus message saying the person is not available to take my call.


Tried to get it resolved via chat help and they had no idea:


FACT - I disconnected my phone from the NBN modem - exactly the same, incomming caller disconnected after 5 rings, you cannot get from the bedroom to the phone in 5 lousy rings, I agree - what idiot programmed 5 rings before disconnect.


From the above post it appears that I ALSO have some type of divert enabled without my knowledge, just like Voice Mail.     

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