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Occasional Contributor Stuuu
Occasional Contributor

Home phone keeps dropping out

Has anyone else had issues with home phone line dropping out for hours every couple of days in the Hornsby Heights area? I've got cable internet which I've only just had reactivated by Optus after having them incorrectly or accidentally de-activating it, and now my home phone disconnects every couple of days for hours at a time. The first few week of being an Optus customer has not been very good.

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RetiredModerator Mike-N

Re: Home phone keeps dropping out

Hello Stuuu. I'm sorry for the delay. Are you still having issues with your landline?  I've checked our Network Status map and no issues are currently listed for Hornsby Heights. Considering this, if you are still having problems with your landline, you should reach out and report the fault to our Technical Support team here

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