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Home phone & broadband

Recently shyama 1 received an E-mail to say that Billing amounts under the following Accounts are outstanding, This is simply incorrect as far as I am aware, hence I shall be very grateful if you would kindly check against the information provided below and advice me accordingly.

Account No.hidden12 1565 287

23/03/20 - $78.40 Paid on 26/03/20 via B Pay

24/02/20 - $78.40 Paid on 09/03/20via B Pay

22/01/20 - $78.40 Paid on 01/02/20 via B Pay

23/12/20 - $47.20 Paid on 31/12/19 via B Pay

Account No. hidden17 7711 843

15/03/20 - $126.75 Paid on 23/03/20 via B Pay

14/02/20 - $121.85 Paid on 24/02/20 via B Pay

15/01/20 - $120.45 Paid on 24/01/20 via B Pay

16/12/19 - $121.15 Paid on  23/12/19 via B Pay  

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Re: Home phone & broadband


The Optus Staff that are active in the Yes Crowd do not have access to account details.

The account holder will need to contact Optus directly.

If the account holder has a social media account on facebook or instagram to contact Optus.

With the current situation re support the account holder could try writing a letter to with all the relevant details to

Optus Customer Relations Group, PO Box 306 Salisbury South 5106 

I am not an Optus employee. If a reply helps please give a Kudos and when an issue is solved please mark as solved.
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