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Home internet wont let me use Discord

Im going to go straight into it. Recently ive been having a problem where my internet would time out ONLY on my PC everytime i tab into Discord (a very well known voice chat application).


So this is how i found out it was the home internet causing this issue. I would begin to ping google using command prompt ten thousand times. Command prompt would then show me pinging google at say 40ms to 3000 depending if the internet is being real mean to me. Anyways as soon as i tab into Discord my pings would time out until i switched to a non discord tab that needed to use the internet and the pings would go back to normal.


That got me thinking. Is this happening to every device on the network? So while i was tabbed into discord and my pings were timing out i got on my phone to see if the internet was working on that. It was. Even the Discord app was working on it. I then thought it might be a problem with my computer. But before i reinstalled drivers etc i decided to turn on my wifi hotspot on my phone just to be sure. So i switched to the hotspot, waited until my pings were pinging and tabbed into Discord. 40 to 80ms no timing out.


Like anyone would i thought doing a hard reset on the router would most likely fix this issue. It did not... So if anyone Optus related is reading i would like to know what is happening and how to fix this issue. Ive had so many issues with this internet that im not getting my months worth of internet for the amount im paying.


P.S I ping ten thousand times because the internet would usually time out anyway (to the entire house)because of the wiring at different times of the day. Yes i have called optus about the problem and they say there is nothing they can do and its been a problem for the past 2 years. Why they dont fix it is beyond me. (money is life)     Thank you for reading

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Re: Home internet wont let me use Discord

Hi @Bafftub, Based on your test results, it could be that the app on your PC is taking control of the data QoS being sent to the router.  The main pointer being that assuming that your mobile phone was using WiFi for the internet and that if "Even the Discord app was working on it", then Optus is not blocking it.


Has Discord ever worked on the PC?

If it has, how was it connected, etc.?