Home internet not working

For the last 4 weeks my home internet hasn't been working at all, which has resulted in me using extra day on my phone and pay for home internet that doesn't work. I have called multiple times and the agent has advised to turn it on and off which never works. Then yesterday after waiting 40 minutes to get through the agent tells me we need to run tests and to unplug everything, so I call my partner who was at home and ask him to unplug it all. By now the first agent has promised to compensate for the additional data and put me on hold while he transfers me to another department. Another 40 minutes later I get to the second agent who was very rude and didn't want to run the tests because it was 7:22 and she didn't want to stay any longer. She said that there is nothing that can be done if it is unplugged and she wouldn't do anything to help. I can understand having to wait the long times but I can't understand nor is it good enough that they haven't been trained to give out the correct information. I have been with Optus for 7 years and have no faith left in them. I have also already left a complaint with the ombudsman.
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