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Home broadband dropping out

Hello, my home internet keeps dropping out, I've been through the troubleshooting I can (cable, reset, checking all cables, switching off & unplugging). The only thing that seems to temporarily work is switching it off then back on after a few minutes however this only lasts for about 5 minutes before the modem switches to the backup network. Any help in fixing the issue or Any direction to check for outages in my area would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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Re: Home broadband dropping out

Hi @Anon103uu2, so sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with that Home Broadband service, we appreciate you going through that troubleshooting, disappointing to hear it hasn't helped however we can absolutely take a further look into that.

You can check for outages in your area via our Network Status Page , if you aren't able to see anything listed in the area we recommend raising this with our Technical Support team so they can further assist or raise a case if needed. They are available via our My Optus App, If for some reason you’re unable to use the My Optus app, please send a private message to the official Optus Facebook page or Twitter page for further assistance.

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Re: Home broadband dropping out

Hi there,

Listen this has been a continual problem for us as well. They'll tell you to check all your equipment, re-boot or that it's a NBN problem. We've had continuous problems and dropouts now for months.

I read on the community here somewhere about people buying new modems and then the problems go away. Well I am actually annoyed at that as well. If you pay anything like we do and for top speed they should give you a decent modem/router that can handle the speeds ie 2100mps. If there's filter upon filter's in your modem and the speed can only go under 1000 mps then this is very poor service. 

People are paying $200 ++ a month and the modem can only handle for a sagecom gateway modem that is only filtered for 1000 mps!!! This is why it drops out. So can you please send us a decent modem Optus? And I hope this helps answer your enquiry.