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Hi all,


I have been on the 200gb home wireless plan at my place for over a year now without a single problem.  Solid 12mb down, 1mb up any time of the day.  This is due to a 2300mhz tower almost in line of sight a few hundred metres away.


Four days ago, everything went to hell with massive packet loss spikes & erratic ping times. Pages wouldn't finish loading, streaming video would fail and skype calls disconnect.  My son's online gaming was completely disabled.


My background is networking so I did the initial reboots followed by TRACERT tests to see what's happening.  All along the first handful of hops I saw huge packet losses indicating issues at the tower or shortly thereafter.  I called optus and went through 4 different people who told me everything from needing to replace the SIM to possibly rebooting or factory resetting the unit as "it will re-register to the next best tower".  Even after I explained everything in great detail no further help would be given until I submitted to accepting either a) a new sim or b) the fact 12mb what only an "up to" number regardless of the fact is has been this for months.  Now it's barely cracking 1mb and even then only if it gets a clear few seconds without packetloss.


Finally packed the unit and a laptop in the car, drove 5kms to another 2300mhz tower and fired it up in a coffee shop.  Bang.  100% throughput, 12mb/1mb with 0% packetloss.  


Another call to optus (4th one).  They continue to drive the line that it could be my end, maybe the modem, interference causing the connection to drop (it never has a red light and has never changed from it's 3 solid bars of reception).  


Does anyone have any support email address I can send these tracert and cell_id info to, to show how every single thing is pointing to a tower problem?  It's so frustrating to deal with front-line techs who sadly have no idea how this technology works.  A SIM replacement to fix packetloss?  Just wow.  


Would appreciate anyone who's had success dealing with such issues.


Re: Home Wireless - Packetloss & Possible Tower Saturation

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You should move to the new 200GB full bandwidth plans and change bands. Surprisedmb:subnav:mbbSmiley TongueostSmiley Tonguelans#Plans


HWB has been naff for 8 months, now.


They sell the 200GB plan month to month in Optus shops, but they are a bit vague about whether the unmeterde Netflix comes with it. Shouldn't matter if you go on a 24m contract, since the CIS says no cancellation fee. Put the new SIM in the old modem and use the band locking software to avoid 2300. But you need to work out whether the whole tower is mung, or just one band.


Re: Home Wireless - Packetloss & Possible Tower Saturation


Sorry to hear of the run around you've gone through to get assistance with this one. I can raise the issue with our network team if you send me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB.

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