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New Contributor Jimb0000
New Contributor

Home Wireless Broadband and Fetch TV Mini



As I am renting and internet is not available at my residence, I signed on for a Home Wireless Broadband 200GB plan.


It works really well and I get pretty good speed (like ADSL2).


I was given FOC a Fetch TV mini when I also signed on to a mobile plan, and I also have a subscription to the EPL.


When I connect the Fetch TV mini via wireless or ethernet  cable to the the Huawei Home Wireless Broadband modem, I cannot watch any Optus TV channels, for example I cannot watch any EPL channels, whether live or classic/replay matches they have constantly going - when selecting a channel, the Fetch box comes up with a message "cannot watch channel while tethered to mobile phone, streaming not available via mobile data".


However, I can watch ALL on demand channels perfectly (I.e match replays, goals of the week etc.), as well as other things like "catch-up TV", Netflix, Stan etc.


I called support and they guided me through a soft reset, but it still doesn't work! Please help!

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RetiredModerator Gen_R

Re: Home Wireless Broadband and Fetch TV Mini

Morning Jimb0000 - just so we're on the same page, you've signed up for a Home Wireless broadband and that working fine, but have also tried to use a Fetch Mini on the Home Wireless Broadband? The devices aren't compatible so that's what may be causing your issues.

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Occasional Contributor viewer
Occasional Contributor

Re: Home Wireless Broadband and Fetch TV Mini

Why is it, on the new 200/500GB Optus Mobile Broadband plans, can a retail purchased Fetch TV work on the platform, but an Optus YesTV Fetch box, cannot?

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