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Optus - looks like quite a few unhappy potential customers could be converted to happy customers if you remove the coverage checker.  It would be simple to have the customer accept the conditions (i.e. coverage checker says no, but customer happy they recieve a 4G signal)


Please consider changing this requirement.  For the few of us on the forum that complain, I'm sure there are dozens of customers that can't access ADSL/NBN (like myself) that have been waiting for a fair mobile data plan like you are currently offering with this package.


Take the initiative and capture the market share I say!

Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's


Every situation is different but a very big part of the coverage checker is to ensure that they don't allow too many customers onto this service in an area that can't handle it. Yes you might be happy when they say yes but when the network is degraded and you, along with others in the same area, can no longer use your new service or your existing mobile service might not make the most sense

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Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's


I'm more than happy to pass on the feedback guys. 

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Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's



Couple of tech questions regarding the modem that is supplied with this service.

Does it support external Antennas?

Will the Optus variant support VPN and VOIP and will the end user be able to access the relevent setup via the units Web User Interface?

Is there a proper user manual?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's


File Sharing


Has anyone managed to get the file sharing (SAMBA) working on the HWB router using USB memeory stick and accesing it from a Windows PC?  I have tried to set it up , but even when using the assigned ID and password, I cannot write to the resulting share.


It seems that the firmware might have been dumbed down a little too much, but even so a manual would be useful for the "advanced" features.

Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's


I signed up to this service over the weekend as I am waiting to go to a new ADSL plan however that is taking much longer than expected.


I have this service connected and have to say it is quite good. Speedtest showing I'm getting 12/1Mbps, things are great. I can stream youtube perfectly and downloading movies quickly off itunes/netflix.


However when I try to do any Online Gaming the service is different. Curious to know what is being done to the service in this regard as on my ADSL I was getting 250ms latency to the server I connect to and on this service I can't even log on I just get connection timeouts.


Once I turn on my L2TP VPN I can once again connect to the game at around 400ms latency, then after turning on my tunnel Pingzapper and connecting to Dallas 4 I can drop the latency to 250ms and it is pretty stable. Whilst this is good that I can work around the problem relying on a L2TP VPN AND tunnel is less than ideal as at times it will drop my connection for a few seconds.

Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's


Samba ... continued


Samba issues solved.  The problem was a USB stick formatted with NFS, so the Windows access permissions embedded in NFS were overriding the Samba permissions.  Reformatted to FAT32 and all working.  Indeed running a USB hub with multiple USB sticks in play and it is very fast.


Also finding the WiFi from the router has surprisingly good coverage through a "difficult" house, but have resorted to powerline adaptors for reliable connection to TV etc. at remote corner of the house.


Consistent 12/1 service, but only after locking to 2300 band.

Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's


my son has been WAITING all day for his internet to b activated and it still hasnt happened , so he has had enough of being mucked around how can he return the modem it is no longer wanted he has gone to another ISP

Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's


Sorry hear that shandrene Smiley Sad Our Cancellations team can discuss options for modem return on 1300555241. Nghi

Re: Home Wireless Broadband FAQ's


Hi there.


I have recently connected to the Optus Home Broadband Service. Since then my VOIP Service running on Gigaset A610IP has had registration issues. Somedays it connects, other days not. My Lumia 1020 Phone running Linphone VOIP also has issues registering the VOIP Account via the Optus Home Broadband, as does 3CX Softphone on my PC and iPad so is not the Gigaset A610IP or its settings. It appears to be Optus network only as I can take the phone or Gigaset A610IP to premises running BigPond, iiNET, DoDo, Westnet and have no problems registering. i was on the Optus 20GB Business Wireless prior to this and had no issues with my VOIP Registration.


Have reset and played with various settings in the Huawei E5186 Router to no avail. When it is off, there is no registration. Next day or so it will register then not the next day. This is an urgent issue as my business phone runs through this service. 


Does anyone know if Optus Home Broadband has issues with VOIP Support. I am in Southport in QLD .






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