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I ordered a home wireless broadband service and the modem/router was supposed to have been delivered a week ago.  I looked on Star Track's tracking page and it showed that the driver attempted delivery but the business was closed.  This was certainly not the case as the doors automatically open at 7am and I was present that day from 6:30am to 5:00pm.  I rang Star Track who advised that they could not assist me and that I would have to contact Optus directly who would then contact them.


So far I have rang 7 times to the customer support at Optus and everytime I'm told that delivery will be rescheduled for the next day (aside from today where I was told it would take two business days).  And nothing has happened, no update on Star Track's delivery status, no driver has re-attempted delivery or even left a card to pick up the parcel in the company's letterbox (which I would be more than happy to get at this stage).  This is a complete joke and I am completely over ringing Optus' customer service line as it is a waste of 20 minutes with absolutley zero assistance each time.  At this point I have no idea who else to contact to get assistance as both Star Track and Optus have done nothing.



Re: Home Wireless Broadband Delivery - Star Track Problems


Star Trak deliver until 6pm, so its possible they did miss you?


It should be in a Star Trak depot somewhere. Optus will have the tracking number. Perhaps ask OPtus to confirm where the parcel is now (with Star Trak) and if not too far just go get it yourself.


Not sure if Optus can't give you the Tracking Number they have so you can try talk with Star Trek direct (probably Not).


Optus may also have a policy of couriers returning undelivered goods back to them, so possibly Optus now have it?




Peter Gillespie

Re: Home Wireless Broadband Delivery - Star Track Problems


@petergdownload spot on. Optus have an agreement with Star Track that no attempts at redelivery are to be made. 

This agreement is truly history making as it appears to be the only agreement in the known world that Star Track actually adhere to. 

They are a nightmare, have always been a nightmare, and will always be a nightmare. 


I had an incident a couple of years ago where the driver attempted delivery of my new mobile handset at the wrong address. I then had to wait for the phone to travel from regional Victoria back to Melbourne, then to Sydney so that someone at Optus could resend it. 

What do I know? I'm just a paying customer.

Re: Home Wireless Broadband Delivery - Star Track Problems


Thank you for the reply - I finally ended up getting the tracking number and after a few calls directly to Star Track I was able to get them to locate and delivery the parcel.  Funny enough, I wasn't at the office when they turned up and they left it with a coworker even though their policy is to only deliver to the individual that placed the order and they must show a photo ID upon delivery.  Just as glad they didn't follow their own policies in this instance.


Thanks again for the suggestions.

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