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Hi, I have NBN and Optus Home Phone, I need advise on how to get to my Voice mail msg.

I know the first part is *96 but the I don't know how to set or get a Pin how to go about it it has been activated by Optus.



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Follow the instructions on this link:



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Re: Home Phone


Thanks Dave, much apreciated



Re: Home Phone


I feel  that I should mention this, it just might help someone.

I had purchased a new Panasonic Cordless phone since my old Uniden didn't cover the distance from the new Optus NBN connection place.

Well every time I set the Time on the phone after a call it was back 1 hr to standard time not daylight saving time Victoria.

I was told it is Network Time from Optus but Optus told me no they do not set the Time it is the Phone.

I contacted Panasonic who in turn told me the only way to fix this is to set the Time on the Phone to Manual.

The Sagemcom Router has no setting for automatic daylight saving time adjustment.

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