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New Contributor Gillette820
New Contributor

Home Broadband installation

Ordered Broadband to be be installed. Optus said they could use Telstra pit outside my house.Today installer wants to put cable from street pole to roof. I said no and he refused to do otherwise. Cant talk to anyone, keep getting cut off, no one calls back. S---service. Looks like the Ombudsman.

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Home Broadband installation

I take it you're connecting to the NBN? If so the cable guy was from NBNCo not Optus. They also have pretty much the last say in where your cable will go. You can request an alternative but if they say no then you're stuck. I would suggest getting the connection and then you can pay later to have someone comeout and relocate the cable as you want.


FWIW generally don't tell NBN people to go away. It gets messy and often is quite a while to get them back again.




Peter Gillespie

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