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Contributor Talos63

Here's a good idea... free mobile data during fixed outages

How about it Optus? I've been in my new address just over twelve months, and on every occasion that my home internet has failed it has taken hours (once overnight) to resolve the issue. Outage reports never update past 'under investigation' on the website, and phone calls are pointless as CS staff are half a world away, and have less idea about what's going on than your customers have. 

So, I propose you waive mobile data charges during the outage period as a courtesy to your customers. If you can't provide us with quick fault repairs to fixed line services, perhaps it might motivate you to have enough staff on call to fix problems with a minimal delay, if you're paying for it instead of your customers. 

Alternatively you could supply a credit for the period we are without the fixed service to compensate us for mobile usage. 

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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: Here's a good idea... free mobile data during fixed outages

Appreciate where you're coming from here, can assure you that it's never our intention to leave you inconvenienced in the first place 😞

In terms of compensation, any applicable credit applied would be in line with our Customer Service Guarantee and assessed by our CSG team directly once your personal fault report has been closed as resolved.

If you do have any concerns with your data usage during those time periods, please chat with our Billing team directly HERE so we can take a look into it for you. 

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