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Have you been pwned?

Has anyone checked their accounts for pwning? Every one of my accounts has been pwned.

Pwning is when a third party steals your email account and uses it to spread spam on an international scale, along with other nasty stuff.

At the moment I'm trying to come up with an answer to eradicating the issue, but it is gigantic.

Just recently they recorded over 711,000,000 email accounts were pwned by one person! I would suggest you check all your accounts and do some research on how to ensure your account can be more secure. Optus' suggestion is to "change your password" hmmm...

Not sure what I'm going to do, but I think I'm going to ditch my accounts and try to start from scratch.

It's not that hard - is it???

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Re: Have you been pwned?



Good advice. Although if your account is taken over, usually the first thing they do is change your access password if that's an option.


I would definitely recommend all Optus customers not use Optus Email. It has some big limitations and any users are somewhat trapped with Optus as they lose their valued email address if they leave.


I would recommend Outlook or Gmail etc. They have great spam filters and you should also setup double authentication. While not foolproof it is about the best protection you can have now days. Anyone wanting to log into your account (for the first time) needs to provide a code from your phone.


Gmail also provide extensive options to recover a mail box if its been hacked by another.




Peter Gillespie

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Re: Have you been pwned?

Yeah Pete, I'm now in the process of educating my wife in the ways of emailing all her contacts and helping her swap to another provider (iCloud).

It will be a long, drawn out process and I guarantee there will be tears (mine). But I'm sure we will extract ourselves from the clutches of the Optus accounts eventually.

The only difficulty I see is that I will still receive spam to my old address, and so I would like to change my primary account, but Optus "technical staff" advise that it would affect me adversely. Don't know why, but I will certainly be looking into it. That way they can handle all the spam and I get a fresh account.

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