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New Contributor Mysticl1ght
New Contributor

Getting high Packet loss in my game

So ive been playing this game called "Final Fantasy XIV" since about November 2016.

Recently though for the past couple of weeks, i have been getting constant disconnects.
Ive done quite a few troubleshooting like, disabling antivirus, resetting router, swap router, direct connecting or any conflicting programs that would be using alot of bandwidth.

But the packet loss only happens when i play this game (i dont play many other games online), basic browsing and social chat work fine with no fault.
So i did a ping test and about every 3-4 hits i get hit with Request time out.

not entirely sure what im suppose to do to fix this problem.
i also did a Tracer i have the Server ip that i connect to which is 
tracer hops.png

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New Contributor Mysticl1ght
New Contributor

Re: Getting high Packet loss in my game

[Update] i got my friend to do a tracer who is on a Different ISP, she has no problem with connections.tracer hops2.png

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