Getting cable connected on top of cafe


I live on top of a cafe. The owner had Optus cable set up on the premises prior to the cafe being open. The cable is set up in my apartment which is above the cafe. There are no other apartments just mine. The cable wire runs from my bedroom on the top level not at the cafe. The cable was ended in April by the previous tenants. 


After contacting Optus sales rep and explaining the situation they ran my address and said yes I could get cable. They bundled my cable and mobile. The technician was suppose to arrive between 12 to 5. I took the day off work. The technician never showed and I was never contacted. After contacting Optus again they told me the order was cancelled because I couldn't get cable. I was then advised that I would be contacted by 9pm after they investigated the situation. I didn't receive a call. Can anyone advise why I would not be able to get cable which is already set up and only in use 3 months ago?

Re: Getting cable connected on top of cafe


One explanation that comes to mind, is the subtle effect of the elephant NBN in the room, securing all the copper as people leave it.

Re: Getting cable connected on top of cafe


Hi Dlucinda, apologies for the delay in response. Have you spoken to someone in regards to your cable internet connection, since posting? You can always check the serviceability of your address on our website. Check out this article for more information. If you still need assistance then speak to us on Live Chat now. 

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