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Getting a phone call



Anyone have any luck in getting someone from Optus to call you?


I have obviously tried the live chat numerous times over the last month, and despite being promised on three occasions that I would be contacted within 24 hours nobody has.


I have lodged a complaint via the complaint form and heard zilch.


Despite being clear that I will not be paying my bill until my issue is resolved I still have heard nothing. I have been clear that I am going to cancel yet still nothing.


My only problem is that nobody is contacting me. I have had two days off work waiting for NBN that didn't show and yet I am being told NBN were phoning me. They weren't.


Actually I lie, I did actually receive a text message from Optus yesterday telling me to connect my NBN modem! Haha lol. NBN hasn't installed it yet.


Seriously, what does it take to get a phone call from Optus? 


Also, can I just sign another provider to manage my NBN migration and forget I have ordered with Optus? Surely if they are ignoring me then they aren't going to notice anyway? 

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Re: Getting a phone call

NBN not showing up will happen with every single ISP out there, NBN has a known notorious habit of not showing up and not telling anyone. Leaving the ISP with a disgruntled customer they have to complaints manage even though they didn't do a damn thing to cause the complaint.


If you've already ordered the migration and they aren't doing anything, then this doesn't give you cart blanch to change provider. If you've logged the complaint form as you specified, it takes time for them to filter through all the junk complaints that are "customers who log a complaint trying to get a simple decision to overturned". 

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