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New Contributor Ganby
New Contributor

Frustrating service

Hi all,


Have you ever encountrered a shity and wasted customer service from Optus. I just did. I wasted my whole day just to make them understand that my new adsl service is not working due to no tone. I've tried to chat for 2 days, every time they transfer it to technical team and technical team has no capability to fix the issue rather than telling me to turn off and on or plug and unplug the modem. I installed the modem correctly according to the instructions, and I know the technical configurations of the modem, but what happened to this people. Took them 2 days to understand the problem. What a day! Please share your bad experience similar to mine so that Optus could hear and fix their customer service.


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Frustrating service

Hey @Ganby,


We do appreciate the feedback. That's definitely not the sort of start we have in mind for our customers. What was the outcome of the enquiry in the end? We were able to establish whether there's some form of line or Network fault? When we activate a DSL service we'll perform both a manual and automated line test. If the results don't come back within specification then the agent should be prompted to complete a number of checks to confirm where the issue lies. If there's a line issue then we'll send the results of the diagnostics off to our wholesaler and they'll determine whether or not a field technician is required. Did we generate a fault ticket number for you? If so, feel free to send that through and we'll take a look.

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