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Fraud Billing and putting bad credit against people

For Customers. Optus generated home phone and internet bill on my name back in March 2013 and sent to recovery company eventhough I didn't have account with optus in March 2013 . They put default payment against my name and created bad credit against me. I found this default payment when I went to apply for my home loan. I contacted recovery company than I found all this fraud about bill. Recovery company asked me to paid amount and settled this default payment so I can show bank that I don't owe any money than adviced me to do complain with Optus. I called on 12th Dec to discuss about this and lady told me that it was a system error after checking notes from that account. She told me that the amount I paid to recovery company that will be credited/refunded into my current optus service account within 24-48 hrs. I am still waiting for my refund. Recovery company sent me letter stating that I don't owe any money now. I presented this letter in bank to get home loan approval but bank want reason for generate this bill as I did not have any account with optus so I need a letter stating that It was optus's system error generated bill and put default payment against my name. When I called back again to optus asking letter showing reason that it was their system error to generate bill on my name, customer service lady was very rude on phone and said that they don't have this type of letter. She said that she can send me letter in next 5 days stating that I don't owe any money to optus which I already got it from recovery company. She told me that I do not understad what she is explaining and she was getting rude again on phone. 


I told her that at first instance optus should not generate any bills on my name where I did not have any account with Optus.


Second thing is that Optus ruined my credit report and now I lost my home as I could not get my home loan on time.


This is a Fraud to get money from innocent people. Luckily I called optus to confirm this and found all this fraud.

Also if you call customer service, no one answer your call for atleast 45-60 mins and than they just transfer your call to next departments and you have to explain whole thing again and again. It took nearly 2.5 hours last time.


Currently, I am on phone again regarding my refund that hasn't been done and it is already 35 mins and no one is picking up phone. This is really bad services and I won't recommend to my other friends and family.


I need help from others in this matter. 

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