Forgotten my website access


I have forgotten my website access logon at and it hasn't been updated for years bvecasue of that. 

How can I reset or recover it so I can do some long overdue updates?




Ron B

Re: Forgotten my website access


You can click forgotten password where they will send an email to the recovery email. If you did not provide a recovery password its easier to contact Optus so they can just send you temporary password to your phone. But you need to log through a PC/Computer/Laptop inorder for that temporary password to work.

Re: Forgotten my website access


I have no problem logging into my Optusnet account.


I just can't rermember how to log into my website to work on it.   I use FileZilla for a couple of other websites for which I'm webmaster but I haven't looked at my own in many years.  It needs a complete rebuild.

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