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New Contributor Alex_s_25
New Contributor

Flashing lights on ADSL modem

Hi Team, 


Just had ADSL2 fully connected today. Using the Sagemcom Fast 3684OP v3 modem. The internet works fine but the Internet and Wifi lights on the modem keep flashing. Have tried restarting a few times. Is this a problem or should I just wait 24 hours for it to settle? 

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Flashing lights on ADSL modem

I think you will find they are supposed to flash indicating activity. 

Contributor DarrenH

Re: Flashing lights on ADSL modem

Mate Yes I think I know what you mean.


The WIFI light isn't flashing spasmotically depicting activity but more of a constant blink.?


Both my WIFI and Internet light are blinking 4 times then stops for a second then repeats.


The 'POWER', 'WAN' & 'LAN' lights are a solid green.


The Internet  & WIFI blink 4 times.  1,2,3,4 then repeats as it if it is telling me something.


I e-mailed Sagemcome & the guy says it maybe a firmware update.


Rubbish ....what takes 4 days.  get stuffed.  Idiot.  In other words he/ she doesn't effing know and is merely guessing.. Crap artist.


I had similar issue whjere the lights a few weeks ago were cascasing back and forther like the night rider car.  I was told that was also a firmware Update.


yes I have rebooted and rebooted and yes guess what rebooted.


No one can answer the question.


Optus supply a modem/ router and cannot provide explanations re a product they provide nor can sagemcom who again habve NFI but do a great job at guessing.


Internet works fine.  Just curious.  It is clear it is advising me of something ?


what ever that is ??/

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