Fix the damn towers!!!


I find it abhorrent that I pay over $120 a month for something that renders useless, it's now 2018 and we have the slowest network on the planet I guarrante it!

The only reason I use Optus is because it offers the bundle callany Australian number for fre with my internet but the internet is crap! They have so far replaced the modem up to 8 times and it's nothing to do with the modem, its the bloody tower which is always the issue, the tower is within metres of our house and it's constantly displayed as red
We are within this red circle and it has been this way for up to 10 months!!


Re: Fix the damn towers!!!


8 times? Why would you replace a piece of equipment ô times? Are you on mobile wireless? Do you have any other options? Why not request a refund for the 10 months of no service and move to a different provider?




Peter Gillespie

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