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I am a new customer. I have subscribed to Broadband and telephony bundle of 99$ in this month.


My service is started on 17/03/2015 and I have already received bill on 99.99$ with due date of 02 Apr 2015. I was hoping to received bill after 17th Apr.


Does someone know if Optus charges Advance billing rather than bill after the month?


Invoice period is written as 1st bill.


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Optus are the same as all other telcos. They charge you one month in advance so your first bill is always 1 full month + up to 1 month depending on when you signed up. 

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Re: First bill

I notice that Optus, Telstra and Virgin all do this even if you just recontract with the same telco they charge you a month up front, but not once have I ever got the last month free

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No one ever gets the last month free, you simply get a credit for anything you paid in advance.


If you pay a month in advance from 1st April til 30 April, and cancel the service 15/4, you get a credit for unused time from 16/4 to 30/4 on the final bill.


If you cancel the service 30/4 - theres nothing to credit. Nor are there any charges for the month in advance on the final invoice, just usage info from the previous month.





Re: First bill


So what happens to the credit? I have recontracted from my optus cable 200Gb plan to the $90 bundle and now have 2 bills, 1 is which has a credit. I assumed that this credit would go towards my new plan?

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If this credit was applied due to a pro rata refund (which I think it is), we can either transfer that over to the bundle or issue a refund cheque. This can be arranged by calling our Customer Care crew on 1300300937 during business hours.

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Re: First bill


you are wrong, no one except Optus charge the month in advance fee.

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