Fibre to the Node and Optus Service


Does anyone have experience of the fibre to the node NBN? We are in Canberra and have been having pathetic internet speeds (ADSL) for months.  We recently bought an internet box for our TV to watch overseas channels, and forget streaming - it is buffering all the way and a five minute song takes ten minutes to play.  It is 0.21 Mbps download and 0.35 Mbps upload just now according to the Google Internet Speed Test. It is just crap.


There has been a lot of brouhaha recently over NBN landing in our suburb so with the buzz over the fast speeds etc etc I tried to change plans firstly through the online chat over which I spoke with at least 8 different people thanks to drop outs and never got anywhere. Then I called ont he phone and was on there for two hours speaking to six different departments and still didnt get anywhere - the explanation later was that no-one knew what to do to change my plan to NBN because we have a business account... what? 


So I went into the Optus Shop in Woden and sorted it finally. I had no idea that we were fibre to the node NBN until the Optus guy said we didnt have to be home for the installation - my question of course was how they get the cable inside if we are not home.  Then the whole fibre to the node thing was explained to me, that there is optic fibre cable (very fast) to the end of the street, and then it is the 40 year old copper wire network from there to our house - meaning that the internet is probably not going to be much faster than the pathetic excuse for internet we are getting now.


 The irony of living in an older established suburb close to the centre of Canberra is that our services are via 40 year old systems and it looks like we are stuck in the past!


Re: Fibre to the Node and Optus Service


You are missing the point.


The FTTN works just like ADSL but the "Exchange" is at the end of the street instaed of a few kilometers away so your speed will be much better than your ADSL.


Yes the copper in your street is old but because it's a much shorter run it can run faster and FTTN uses VDSL which can be much faster than ADSL, if your "street" is short enough the speed can actually reach 90Mbps if you pay for that plan but if your "street" is too long then you might only get 12Mbps but that is still a lot faster than what you are getting now on ADSL.


Your situation is what NBN (Even FTTN) was designed to fix.

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