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New Contributor jinn31
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Fetch Box not working after moving house

I have moved house a few weeks ago. A technican came out and installed a cable and modem (I never asked for that)  but REFUSED to install my Fetch Mighty box to the tv. Oh, he had no problem driving my partner's van to move it as he needed access to my side of the house. Why can he drive other people's vehicles but not install the fetch box?  <-- Please answer that question. And he was 2 hours early and kept whinging about "paperwork".


Ever since then, the fetch box "starting" bar freeezes and I am only able to watch tv on that channel. Cannot use the fetch remote control (yes I have changed the batteries). And the pinkish circle appears on the screen and freezes.


So now, everyday, when I turn on my tv, I have to enter my fetch password and activation code as this is the only way I am able to use the service/function to it's full ability.


I have called and chatted several times to some of your "customer service" offshore staff who on every occasssion, I get told to either reset - soft and hard, answer 1 million questions of where the cords are places etc but am not told of a solution to fix this.

I have reset the modem several times (pin hole at the back). I have to wait so long to speak to someone and when I get someone, I get transfered to another area.


Thsi is very FRUSTRATING as I am paying for this service. I would like someone to come out and set up my fetch PROPERLY or will be making a complaint. Yes, I have been directed to your manuals which does not help and I still have the same issues. I HAVE TO SET UP MY SYSTEM EVERYDAY!!!!!!


I have already looked elsewhere (Foxtel looks great) for other providers.


By reading some of these comments, it appears that you simply do not care about your customers. Regardless of how long someone has been with Optus, we are all customers and deserve better service.





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