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Hi Moderators,

I would imagine yours is a pretty thankless job, and it’s great to have someone to respond quickly on here and troubleshoot easy issues, but please don’t offer to help or look into something unless you have a capacity to follow through on it. I posted re constant dropouts and slowness on Friday night and on Monday a moderator offered to look into the matter for me - I messaged my account number and personal details but have heard nothing since - and have had no response to follow up messages. Once a problem gets so bad it’s posted on a forum, most people have tried all other options to get in touch with Optus, so immediatingly offering to help, but then not responding further just makes the situation so much worse for the person who’s already at their wits end being without usable internet for some time. From what I’ve been reading on the forum, mine is not the only story like this, so maybe there needs to be more moderators? A different process? Some timeframes given on the moderators availability? Thanks, Jenelle

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Hi Jenelle, that's absolutely valid feedback and I'm sincerely sorry that you've had this kind of experience trying to get your enquiry resolved Smiley Sad

Generally speaking, we work off a queue system and we've been quite busy so it's taking longer than expected to get back to everyone.

We're here 24x7 but the forum is designed to be peer-based support so we'd only step in if we felt it was needed or you were directly asking for assistance. We'll be passing your feedback on regarding the overall experience and I can see that Toomey's now replied to your PM. 

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Re: Feedback for moderators


Thanks Alex, I was able to get a case logged via chat on Saturday, so hopefully we’ll get a resolution soon. I understand the queue system and can imagine how long it is! I work in the software industry and we have a queue system too but we have an auto responder giving people some idea of how long they might be waiting for contact, which would be really helpful if it’s possible. Cheers, Jenelle

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