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New Contributor MattyT
New Contributor

Fast down speed slow streaming

I am currently having streaming issues through my mobile devices, Sony Smart Tv etc.

My down speed is constant around 25-28mbps on WiFi so I'm happy with that considering I'm on a 40 Mbps package.

Netflix, Stan stream ok most the time through WiFi.  I understand  high use times of day etc will affect my speed but overall it's ok.

Main problem is with Kayo Sports. It is more often than not pixelated and grainy even in 'quiet usage times' I have been in contact with Kayo and they are claiming only around 2-5mbps are reaching the stream after testing multiple times over two days. Kayo claim they only need 7.5 Mbps to run 1080p but I'm not reaching it.

I have a speed test app on my TV. Was getting 28 Mbps down speee tonight whilst Kayo was testing simultaneously and getting 5.5 Mbps on the stream.

Is this an issue with Optus bandwidth or my Optus supplied router/modem.?

Any help would be useful.

P.s tested Ethernet direct, rebooted all devices router etc etc. Same result

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Fast down speed slow streaming



First up you're on a 50Mbps plan (that on average should provide 40Mbps in peak hours). If you're generally getting 25Mbps then something is a bit wrong there IMO. Are you on FTTN? Has Optus told you the max speed your line is rated to? I'd suggest you could drop to a 25Mbps speed teir but Optus don't offer one.


However the speeds you are getting seem enough for what you want to do. FWIW Don't run speed tests at the same time. They're designed to max out your line and so will interfere with each other. Second you should try run a wired speed test (to discount wifi issues). Can you move equiment around a bit so the Kayo sports is playing over a wired connection? A 20m cat5 cable only costs a few $ at MSY if you want to grab one.


Its also unclear what the Kayo Speed Test is testing? Line speed or just how much bandwidth it is actually using?


Peter Gillespie

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