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Hi Team,


Since it appears I won't be getting a response from your complaints department, I thought I would send my questions through here.


I would like someone to confirm for me if it is Optus practice to lie to their consumers in order for them to establish a contract and then change the details?


Twice this has happened now.


1st) I wouldn't actually have Optus Mobile if I wasn't lied to in the first place - original personal mobile handset was supposed to be used with an Optus Sim only plan. However, that was changed after I signed up and I was told I couldn't continue as it was against the guidelines of the plan - error on behalf of the sales rep. So I had to get a new handset which I did not want nor afford at the time.


2nd) I wanted to upgrade my internet to NBN. Your sales rep told me that the cost of both Netflix and Stan were included in the cost of my Broadband deal. So I decided to continue with Optus. Again, budget being tight, this seemed like a great deal until finding out that the deal was not real. I was told that this has never been an offer of Optus and there was nothing anyone could do. No one was willing to pull the recorded phone conversation between myself and the Optus sales rep to confirm that I repeatedly asked him if he understood what I was asking and he confirmed the above deal.


So can someone please kindly explain to me why your sales representatives are providing false information in order to - from what I imagine, keep up with their KPI's? I don't see any other need to lie blatantly to your consumer unless your not doing well on your stats.


I must just be very unlucky having had 2 instances of this - for the most part, all other interactions with Optus have been seemingly easy.


My suggestion was to provide a discount of what the subscriptions cost per month - $20 on our account. However I have heard nothing in response to this suggestion. However, considering the circumstances I don't see this as being unfair.


I look forward to your speedy response (still pending a response from your disputes team from April).


Thank you



Re: False Information


The first instance is just bull, they should sort you out if you never wanted or asked for a phone. It's hard to understand how either you or the sales rep misunderstood what was happening at the point of sale.


The second is a little more grey. Only a little though given you asked multiple times for confirmation. What Optus offer on their NBN services is to make Netflix and Stan data free or in other words, not to have it use up your monthly data allowance. A lot of people mistake this for meaning they'll get a subscription for free for both Netflix and Stan. I'm not saying you mistook this but potentially the sales staff did? Either way, it shouldn't matter. If it's clear on the recording then the least they could do is let you out of your contract. An on going credit is reasonable in my opinion but I think the only thing the TIO would do would force them to let you switch to someone else. 


Just my 2 cents though, best of luck with it. 

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own

Re: False Information


Thanks Sam.


This was all done via telephone sales so in the first instance, I told the guy what I needed - a cheap phone plan and he set me up with a $30 SIM only plan. I received my aim in the mail, set it up and was then advised after all this that I would need an Optus handset in order to use the SIM only - this is after I had already cancelled my plan with Vodaphone.


On the second occasion, I repeated my questions several times - "does my optus bill cover the costs of both the Netflix and stan subscriptions?", "does this mean that I will no longer need separate subscriptions for these services?". The fella agreed to this but to be honest I could tell he didn't want to be at work from the beginning of my call. So he probably would have said anything to finish the deal and end the call.


We'll see what they say, I'm glad you don't think I'm being unreasonable.

Re: False Information


Can I just ask another question about the first issue? What was the reasoning behind them saying you need a phone from Optus? A SIM only plan will work in any phone provided it's not locked to another carriers networks. It's very rare for a phone to be locked to a network these days unless it's prepaid (they sell them at a discounted rate but lock you to their network to get their money back). Was yours prepaid by any chance? Even if it was, you should have been able to have Voda unlock it, likely for a fee but definitely cheaper then a new phone contract

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own
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