I just lost FETCH connection to my TV but Wi Fi is working when i rang copped all the usual crap then i am told Optus is Upgrading Fetch Boxes which would cost $99 but because i have a problem NOW  i will be upgraded for FREE #SERIOUSLY if O ptus are Upgrading then why wasn't i notified and now i have to wait 5-10 dys for a new box without ACESS to my Package which i have paid for Surely there is a BETTER WAY to swap over than to inconvience customers and have your ASIAN PUPPETS making excuses for the CONTEMPT with which you OPTUS treat your customers abit of HONESTY woud be APPRECIATED and for anyone who gets CHARGED for a new MODEM tell OPTUS to STICK IT ad contact your Telecommunications Ombudsman



hmm, so your box is not working, Optus offered you a free upgrade and replacement, what is the problem with that? 

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TOOL they disconnected at their end How dumb are you



@CANTHEYDOTHAT, please be mindful of your language.


You're more than welcome to vent your concerns, in-fact we encourage it, but we don't allow the use of rude language on the forum




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