Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Hey swinz98 - I've removed your other multiple postings as this can be considered as spamming. In regards to your fluctuating speeds - are you noticing this happen in a particular time of the day or does it seem fairly sporadic? If you wish to shoot your Optus Username through to me via a Private Message I'll be happy to take a closer look over your line for any potential issues.

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Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Hi Ryan,


I tried messaging you on your private message as you suggested but have had no response. The issue is still driving me up the wall and the fact that this post has the highest activity of all suggests I'm not the only one.


If this can't be resolved, I will be moving to Telstra next month as we're already cabled for them too. Please let me know if you found anything when you looked at my account (ianswindells)






Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Well I would also like to be part of this, as this has been my reply. Back in April I complained about my speed and someone was to call me back.... guess what? nobody did.


I then complained again last week and after explaining everything, I get this email.


"I called our Technical Support and was advised that there will be no need to run any more testing as the issue is caused by a known network congestion. A network upgrade is being conducted although the tentative date of completion is the 30/11/2013.

I understand your need for a faster connection during peak times as you have explained well during our conversation and obviously, we will be unable to meet the demand due to the issue. It is a fault on our end which will require time to get resolved. 

Since this is the case, I can only suggest and offer you either an early disconnection without any termination fees so you can connect to a provider who can meet the demand or I can give you 50% discount for the next two months while waiting for the congestion to get fixed. If you decide to accept the discount and the restoration date of 30/11 is not met, the first option will still stand. "


Will Optus upgrade and improve peak hour cable speeds or is this email false?  Can someone from Optus please give me a straight answer and advise me whether my area of Earlwood in NSW will be upgraded to allow faster speeds during peak by the end of November as stated from your support?

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Hi Dragonfan

You are connected to the Riverwood CMP right?

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.

johnnyce GO bankstown exchange i dont get how congestion can make the ping so high as well. 

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.

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Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


I am also getting this problem, i live in bankstown i get around 20mbs per second, but once after 7pm it goes down to 1mbs per second.


i think everyone should call up and cancel contracts, they think they can get away with this.. there is no excuse. Spread the word, Create a Youtube video, a facebook page.. anything..


we have to get a message across that we are not happy and demand a better service.. 


today i done numerious test, its only after 7pm everything goes slow.


2nd of October 2013

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.

Just a little info for those of you who are signed up to Optus Cable (non business)

This is the Southern Cross cable; it is what connects us to the rest of the world. If you click on the link it shows you that it starts from Brookvale, NSW and connects to the west coast of the USA (30,500KM long).

All our international data travels through here and there is a capacity limit. During peak time everyone with Optus cable non business accounts (and numerous others) are using this cable to access international servers. This and this alone is why your internet is a fast as a 90yo slug with emphysema from 7pm to 1am.

Singtel Optus own 39.99% of this line, so next time you call their customer service remind them of this when they give you the "We have no control of speeds outside of Australia" nonsense.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Check out my speeds


 Download Upload


5.15 Mb/s0.49 Mb/s


Great! Not.

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