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I have the same issues and I understand the Riverwood exchange has major capacity issues. Since moving to high speed cable a month ago, I can honestly say it is no better than the non high speed. I am lucky to get 30meg download speed connected directly to the modem, not on WIFI. <br><br>Today my neighbour was getting less than 100k and phone was dropping out so they tested the line and sent a tech. The tech changed the cable connection box but said the signal was very weak. Got my neighbour limping, now I have no phone or Internet and need to wait for a tech tomorrow. I doubt he will be able to fix it. <br><br>Come on Optus, stick your hand in your pocket and upgrade the CMTS in Riverwood before you lose at least 6 customers that I know of to Telstra. <br><br>I had to ditch Foxtel on Optus cable because I kept losing signal and could never watch anything. During Olympics it was impossible

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


I have the same issue. I am thinking of replacing the modem. I dont know what modem to buy as there are so many varieties. I am using cable internet 120gb.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.



I am on the same Riverwood exchange and can confirm the capacity issues.



I used a Motorola SB5100 modem for almost a decade and switched to a Cisco DOCSIS3.0 modem. There is barely any increase in speeds. The speeds you get depend on your exchange moreso than your modem. Granted the wireless modems that Optus provides have a poor reputation for dropouts.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds .... the answer for you all


I'll keep this short because i've already wasted too much time following up this problem, being hung up on when talking to overseas indian phone support when they get to the point where they dont know what to do anymore.


This will hopefully help some of you from wasting your time trying to resolve something that you can do nothing about.


Basically, my issue is the same as yours.  I'm on the premium speed service and was getting fantastic download speeds for the first year from both Australian and International sites.  Download speeds of 60 - 80 megabit were common.


Sometime last year the speeds dropped right off, and now, i get international download speeds of no more than 5 megabit.  I also have a crappy adsl 1 connection and get 25 megabit to exactly the same server. 


The optus speed tests all checkout fine ... i get around 95 megabit.


I had an optus technician come to my house - everything checks out fine.  Turns out I went to school with this guy and he called a guy internal to optus support (not frontline support) and the deal is that optus have severely restricted speeds to international sites to the point that 500 kbps is about what you can expect.  Front line support staff are not told about this, and this is not advertised.  I used to get about 50 megabit to international sites ... now I get less than 5 megabit. 


If you call front line support, they'll spend an hour running through all the normal troublshooting issues .... unplug, turn off, run optus speed test ... "everything looks fine sir" ...... and then they'll hang up on you after they cant think of anything else to do.


So basically, they have signed me up for a ferarri plan and now decided im only allowed to drive it 20 kmh.


Sorry optus but you suck.  I'm cancelling my plan asap.






Re: Extremely slow cable speeds .... the answer for you all


I have exactly the same issue in the mona vale area. I signed up to cable for the download speed and use apple TV a lot  but it sooooo at time slow 60 hours to download 60 mins of video. I have complained to apple and they insist it is not them and now I read international website are really slow. I want my money back optus or unblock my service , time to get the TIO involved this is misrepresentation of extreme proportion.


Anyone care to repsond or fix my service

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds .... the answer for you all

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Hi there


I am new here but I wanted to share my experience with slow cable upload speeds. 


We are currently on the $110 Fusion Bundle phone plan with 500GB of internet usage, tested with 2.2mbps download speed. But our upload speed which is what we use the most is only a dial-up speed of 60kbps max. We are fed up with the slow upload speed on our cable line. The modem we use is Netgear which we got last year. 


The download speed is great but we want faster upload speed. 


Is there anyway to get faster upload speed on our cable line? I am fed up with having to up with speeds of 60kbps.


Any help would be much appreciated as we would love to get higher upload speeds! Smiley Happy 


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds .... the answer for you all


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds .... the answer for you all


This was my result


Download = 19.00mbps Upload = 0.42mbps Ping = 19 


Our upload speed is so slow it's not funny. I thought being on a cable line it was suppose to be fast?? We have been with Optus for a while but we need to fix our upload speeds they are just way to low.

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