Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


@seanrhysmiller1 wrote:

I have been experenicing the same issue as of late, over the last four days our internet connection has been getting slower and slower, but only when actaully browsing.


I've performed countless powercycles/isolation tests, have a 1Gbps direct connection with the Optus Cable Modem (DPQ3925-X), my computer specifications are way above average and have also gone to the limits of formating my entire system to ensure thats not the cause. 


Hey seanrhymiller1 - it seems you've already performed a fair bit of troubleshooting on this already. I definitely can't fault the speed test results you've posted as this is showing the speed is definitely getting through to your computer. Have you tried browsing through a different browser to see if it helps at all? Or perhaps temporarily disabling your security software to see if it has any effect? Are you also able to test through a second computer too?

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Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Hi guys,


Apologies for the late reply as I seldomly do post here. 


Ian, I will perform the speedtest when I get the opportunity to.


Currently, the situation does not seem to be improving. Speeds seem to dip by the day. This is quite frankly, getting ridiculous. 

I have to reboot/reset the router on average 3/4 times a day. I doubt that calling Optus will solve the issue. 


I honestly do not know what to do now other than convince myself to terminate my contract and switch to an alternate internet provider.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


@ceelai wrote:

Hi guys,


Apologies for the late reply as I seldomly do post here. 


Ian, I will perform the speedtest when I get the opportunity to.


Currently, the situation does not seem to be improving. Speeds seem to dip by the day. This is quite frankly, getting ridiculous. 

I have to reboot/reset the router on average 3/4 times a day. I doubt that calling Optus will solve the issue. 


I honestly do not know what to do now other than convince myself to terminate my contract and switch to an alternate internet provider.

Once the speed tests have been done we can look into it further for you. There's a range of things we can test to ensure there's no faults with the service; we can then look at it from a network level also.


We need the testing to be performed though...


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.




I've been experiencing this problem too as well as with internet dropouts. Optus replaced the old motorola SB4200 modem which fixed the dropouts, however there seems to be a problem accessing international servers.


I play alot of internet games and last month when logging into Rusty Hearts, Star Trek Online, Mech Warrior Online and playing Counter Strike Source on game arena servers I'd get the following ping results. 177ms, 190ms, 175ms and 4ms.


Recently the ping results have become 250ms, 300ms, 395ms and 4ms. I thought it was to do with the same problem as the dropouts, but now even with the new modem, the pings are consistent.


As 2 of the above games display multiple available servers, Rusty hearts which had all of it's servers located overseas had a consistant ping increase across all it's servers, however the servers for Counter Strike Source which are located in Australia still have similar pings to before.


Perhaps there something wrong with the way optus connects with the international gateway.


Although I haven't pinged individual websites, all those which are not based in Australia now seem to have a 3 second delay before loading, but I do not experience any problems with local pages.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


I have same modem as this guy seanrhysmiller1

and i had those speed as well when i got the modem within a month


NOW I get so much slow speed OMG

seriously i only had this modem for 2~3months.... seriously...

and im new customer to optus and i get bad connection wow.... im very disappointed with the customer serivce and connection too.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


I'm on a cable modem (from 5 years ago - the Motorola) and the speeds I am getting and have been getting for the last 1-2 months are quite disappointing considering this is meant to be downloading at an uncapped speed - my uploads are faster! It doesn't make sense to me...



Last Result:
Download Speed: 1156 kbps (144.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2405 kbps (300.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 119 ms
Friday, 12 October 2012 2:53:30 PM


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


I have just stumbled on this thread and am finding it very interesting. I, too, am experiencing incredibly slow, debilitating, sporadic internet connection with Optus Cable since July 29 2012. It is now November 7.

I run a web based business from home and rely on internet for its operation, and am using the internet intensely on any given day. I have two Macs used regularly, a PC used quite rarely and other wireless devices.


July 29:
On July 29 our internet and landline service went down for a day and half. No offer of explanation and no compensation, just a glib 'technical fault' response some weeks later. (I pretty much gathered that at the time.) My time spent on the phone with tech support due to this incident =  5 phone calls, approximately 3 1/2 hours in total.


Throughout August 2012 internet was patchy - not at the speeds it had been prior to July 29 - but not debilitating.


The Alarm Company:
Early August my alarm company rang to sheepishly declare that the system had not been sending test calls to the control centre for around a week or two - coincidentally the same time that the phone and internet went down for a day and half.

An alarm technician arrived on August 10 and could not isolate the problem. He returned on August 17 and after much probing and changing of equipment with no success installed an ADSL filter on the line to the alarm comms unit. This seemed to remedy the problem except we do NOT have ADSL - go figure. Whilst it fixed the alarm it has rendered our landline barely usable for the static on the line. The bill...$420!


A new wireless router:
I researched wireless routers at length and went and purchased an Apple Airport mid-August for around $350, thinking this could be the problem with the internet, with no improvement in speed or reliability.


September saw the slide into painfully debilitating internet access which included my waking at 4am for 2 1/2 weeks just to try and compensate for the lack of productivity throughout the day. Several phone calls to technical support ensued and reboots once again to the cable modem without any success. Throughout early September the number of tech support calls totals approximately eight and around 3 1/4 hours time, although it is hard to fully quantify because some calls (made from my Optus Mobile) dropped out either whilst in the queue, whilst speaking to a technician or whilst attempting to answer a call back from Optus!


A three hour droput:
On around 14th September the internet and phone dropped off for around three hours from midday.

On September 19 a service technician arrived at our premises to inspect and report. He could find nothing wrong although he removed the elbow from the coaxial cable coming out of the wall socket and a part in the box on the wall that, as he said, "had some rust on a screw but it would cause it to fail. I'm just eliminating all possibilities." We conversed a little about first world digital problems and he parted with advice to in fact go with Telstra - their landline is a true landline.


The wee hours:
The internet service did not improve and I continued to rise early. Speed seemed okay and consistent in the wee hours, until almost exactly 6am when it appeared the speed dropped off around 50%. By 6.15am speed reduced to around what I remember as dial up speed. 6.30am it was unusable and by 6.45am I had activated the Personal Hotspot on my iPhone and was connecting to the internet via it. Throughout this dawn period it was not just the reduction in speed but the apparently reduction in reliability. Webpages would only half load, FTPing up to or down from a website would timeout and then ever so rarely connect in an instant. This occurred with multiple hosting providers and multiple websites.


A small lie but a lie all the same:
By around September 25 I was on the phone daily. One support person (Odash I recall), after hearing my plight and learning a technician had been in attendance six days earlier to replace a perfectly working part with slight surface rust ultimately exclaimed "Well, as a result of the technician replacing the part you will not have any more problems. You will find your internet will be fast again." Lies! Were this the case then certainly I would not need to be calling daily to explain that no difference had been seen in the speed and that my state of insomnia and anxiety was progressing nicely. LIer, lier, pants on fire.


To the question of compensation Odash conferred with superiors and returned to offer one months refund ($69.95) for the trouble. My rebuts of "insult" fell on deaf ears and Odash apologised that this was the best he could offer... For nearly two months my business had been held to ransom by a sub-standard internet connection and phone line, I had made numerous technical support calls, had spent to that time approximately 11 1/2 hours making or waiting on technical support calls, and was waking at increasingly early times to try and remain vaguely productive. My level of anxiety was increasing, I was getting increasingly tired and grumpy impacting on all areas of my life and $69.95 was an attempt to say sorry.


Come October and speed and reliability remained dreadful. Dropouts, lulls and intermittent bursts of normality. I was using my iPhone's 3G as a HotSpot more and and was now seriously looking at alternative providers. Into the first week of October I had been escalated through the complaints department and found myself talking to a gentleman on Saturday October 13th - he had rung back on a Saturday at around 4pm. After my considerable demands for commensurate compensation he alluded to my internet usage over the past two months. August was at around 10GIG usage and September around 8GIG. Despite an average prior to this of around 18GIG for each of the preceding six months he wished to suggest that this was still a fair bit of data and therefore showed that the service was not faulty. Forgive me for disagreeing. I was waking at anywhere from 3am to 4am thereby extending my work days by around three to four hours. I was attempting multiple times unsuccessfully to download client supplied files - cutting out several times after perhaps 10 or 15 or 30 meg was downloaded. I was similarly attempting to upload website files, connecting, reconnecting, restarting...continually using bandwidth but not achieving much.

My productivity was diminished to around 25% capacity. He offered $100 refund, suggested he had activated a speed service that normally cost $16/month and he used the word PROMISE on at least two occasions to suggest that I would not have any further problem with the internet and that what he had down would guarantee it would not drop out and it would be fast moving forward.

Speed appeared to improve throughout mid-October but reliability was still an issue. I would experience, perhaps, two good (not great) days of connectivity followed by one or two bad days.


Relief...up north:
On October 20th I flew to Far North Queensland for an eight day working expedition and some leisure time with the family. I hadn't expected much with the internet up there. I knew I would need to connect via 3G. This turned out to be the greatest eight days mobile phone reception and internet connectivity I experienced in some time. A client sent a 652meg file. It downloaded in around 25 minutes. Ordinarily on cable it would have got to about 10 or 15 or 30 meg and dropped out...and that 10 or 15 or 30 meg would have taken around 25 minutes with consecutive attempts tallying up to a wasted hour. This was fast. This was consistent. This was reliable. In the depths of a holiday seaside town in Far North Queensland I am getting data connectivity on my plan for free that is faster and more reliable than the cable internet I am paying for in Melbourne!


Blowing a gasket:
October 29 was a frustrating day. I returned to cable. I returned and evacuated to the local cafe with free, fast wifi internet. Two coffees and an avocado and feta open sandwich saw me experiencing some wonderful internet for around hours that day. I got back to the office and blasted the service technician...poor guy. Two and half weeks earlier I had been promised fast, reliable internet. I had experienced dream 3G connection the week prior up north. What is the problem! I was offered the chance to reset the modem and blah, blah, blah - been there, done that. I was then promised I would receive a phone call the next day, Tuesday, at 1pm to further discuss the issue and hopefully resolve it. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday came and at 2pm I rang back. Apologies etc. Here, have a wireless modem. We'll send it to you free of charge. Should take around five days. Tuesday the 30th and Wednesday the 31st of October were lovely days weatherwise and the internet, although not reaching the cafe speeds of the day before, allowed for some level of normality. Thursday was a windy day. The internet had a fit. It was nearly non-existent. Friday was what I am now calling a 'dial-up day' referring to the speed but it was a day I was also looking forward to to retreat down the coast for a four day Melbourne CUp long weekend...and perhaps reliable 3G internet connectivity. Four days of relative good speed and reliability - tick!


New modem...same problems:
The wireless modem must have arrived Tuesday. I set about setting it up and calling technical support to activate it early Tuesday night. I worked into Wednesday morning. Slowly. At around 11pm I attempted to download a 1.2GIG file supplied by a client. Time to download = 15hrs 38mins. Speed = ooh, dropout, dropout, slow, dropout. Four attempts to download the file saw a maximum on one occasion of 13meg successful before the connection dropped out and therefore the ability to download the remainder of the file. Once again trusty iPhone 3G Personal HotSpot is the saviour. 1.2GIG = 25 minutes to download, no hiccups, no problems!

Today has been slow. It now appears certain internet services take longer to load or only partially load while others may be faster. FTPing to webservers is on marginally faster than previously, meaning it is still unacceptable. I've just had my partner 20 minutes exclaim "The speed is really shocking. I had to connect to my phone again [3G]."


I am hamstrung. I am going backwards. I am losing money. I am concerned that these issues will not go away if I switch providers, due to the nature of the infrastructure, how far from the exchange we might be, age of overhead lines, congestion etc... Think I'll have to move to Far North Queensland for good, sit on a beach with laptop and enjoy really fast 3G connectivity because this is just unacceptable.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.

[ Edited ]

I am absolutely disappointed with the speed bundle. Just signed up with the $110 bundle plan last week after my two year $99 plan ended and what can I say...very annoyed...


I was really looking forward to using the claimed "up to 100mbps" download speed and all I'm getting is just disappointment.


There's a few times (in the morning about 9-12am) to hit about 70-80mbps on the optus speed test site, but as soon as 5pm comes, it dramatically drops to below 10mbps and this is cable connected...NOT WIRELESS. And when I turn on the wi-fi so that my laptop can use it downstairs, I was only reaching speeds of 2-3mbps...and no one is even using the main cabled connected computer. For the past few days, I've spent hours just talking to the optus people...then the netgear people...then the optus people who I have to admit are very nice and really tried to solve my problem but a few hours later the problem comes back and it's almost like nothing has been resolved.


If I could, I would rather revert back to my old plan with my old modem and router which could reach consistent speeds of 20-35mbps. On top of this I had to pay $80 for the cg3000 netgear modem and service charge...


I've been with optus since 2006 with the 2+4 gb plan and had been pretty satisfied up till now...All I'm hoping now is just being able to reach 45mbps consistently and also hoping that I can use my laptop wirelessly around the internet at a decent speed.


Really didn't expect such a disappointming result.


Well done optus...



Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.

I have read around the forum a bit and noticed there are people who have far worse problems than mine...

I'm probably not in the position to complain then but I really really really hope that optus can resolve this issue asap. I want to have consistent speeds, not huge fluctuations because of the peak/non-peak hours or whatever.

Hopefully something is underway
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